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  1. Harry says:

    Did you see this…trouble with the Fulton County elections results. Say it ain’t so!!

    There could be something criminal going on with Fulton vote-fixing, and who knows who is involved. The original purpose of setting up a fraud may have been set up by the power structure to push the T-SPLOST results over the top with more Fulton yes votes, if it was going to be that close an election – and who knew up until the last few days. This is the reason Fulton is always the last to
    report results and why there is always problem with the Fulton vote count in every recent election. They need to see what the results are elsewhere first before deciding how many votes are needed in selected precincts. It’s been done before, and you will see it again come November in big cities in battleground states – Philly, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Denver, and possibly also Richmond, St. Louis, and Detroit.

    In the Fulton sheriff’s race, the incumbent sheriff is a former FBI agent, and the sheriff’s department is very much in bed with the FBI – which let me remind you is part of the Obama administration. What if Sheriff Jackson with the help of the Election Board was positioned to utilize the “methodology” to his own advantage? Does SOS Kemp have the resources available and the cojones to have a real investigation of the Fulton County Elections Board and the Sheriff? We shall see.

    Looking forward to November, do you think Obama and Holder and their local allies are not totally capable of election fraud in the battleground states?

  2. MouthoftheSouth says:

    Have I got a Mel Gibson movie you are going to love. Those guys are incompetent, not corrupt. Did you look at the numbers? The extreme turnout percentage is not from the number of people who actually voted in the precinct, its from the fact the precinct lists its total registered voters who are eligible to vote as 1. Yes, one person in a precinct. Obviously that’s a mistake and it produces the bizarre “turnout” numbers. That’s why Lori Geary is using percentages and not the actual vote numbers – to make the story as inflammatory as possible.

  3. John Konop says:

    My bet is on Portman ie play for a swing state Ohio. Second, would be Pawlenty steady, and would not make mistakes. Third Ryan, Romney wants to play it safe. What do you think?

    ……..The final three: We can say with a high degree of confidence that Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick has largely come down to three men: former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan………

  4. Technocrat says:

    Enrollment drops by 1,000.

    Maybe it needs to drop by 100k out of 317k.
    Soon many GA college degrees will be worthless like a HS diploma.

    “”For every 10 students who start college with the HOPE scholarship, only three will keep it the entire time they’re in college.

    Several hundred college students from across Georgia held a rally at the state Capitol in March to oppose proposed changes to HOPE scholarship eligibility rules.???

    Students at some Georgia public colleges did a better job. At the University of Georgia, 60.9 percent of the students on the merit-based award maintained it through college.

    Some colleges, including Georgia Southern University, developed programs to teach students how to study in college.??????

    Few students regain HOPE if they lose it. Of the 24,496 students who entered A specific University System college in fall 2004 with the scholarship, 10,439 lost it after their first year. Only 972 students regained it the following year. ????

    Many facts and quotes stolen from various AJC articles over past year or so.

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