McLeod: Over? Did You Say Over?

With the Secretary of State certifying last Tuesday’s election results, candidates are now allowed to request a recount if they were within 1% of winning or within being in a runoff.  GA-12 Candidate Wright McLeod finished in 3rd place, but less than 1% behind Rick Allen.  Thus:

Dear Friend,

Since last Tuesday, I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement that has resonated from supporters throughout the 12th District. Your message has been clear: Don’t give up! Our campaign has been awaiting the Secretary of State’s official certification of the July 31, 2012 primary so that we would have the best idea of how to proceed. No matter what, we don’t want to lose the ultimate goal – which is to beat John Barrow in November.

Last night, the final numbers posted, and we have remained within 1% of our nearest competitor. We have requested that Secretary of State Brian Kemp conduct a recount to ensure that the numbers are accurate.

No matter what the outcome of the recount, we have heard you.

Rick Allen, meanwhile, will continue to campaign for the August 21st runoff with Lee Anderson.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Rick Allen will make a very fine 12th District Representative. Wright McLeod ran a good race. The hyper-inflamed Augusta Sheriff race on the Democratic side hurt both candidates, because many of their supporters chose to cast ballots in the Sheriff race and not in the 12th race.

    Anderson would lose to John Barrow as his record in the General Assembly is one of backing rotten statehouse politicos, pushing SB31 for higher Georgia Power rates, voting for TSPLOST (which gloriously crashed and burned in his GA House District of Columbia and Lincoln counties), running away from ethics reform. If you love being raped by utility costs and taxes, vote for the nice man on the tractor. Hank Johnson and his district will thank you for electing someone who doesn’t even know that Guam is an island.

  2. Matt Stout says:

    Lee Anderson won Columbia, and Rick Allen came in third in Columbia. I wonder why Indy Injun thinks that it will benefit Rick Allen to have more votes coming out of there in the runoff? By the way Indy Injun, incoln County is not in the 12th District, FYI. 🙂

    Shades of Gray?

    • IndyInjun says:

      I wrote “TSPLOST (which gloriously crashed and burned in his GA House District of Columbia and Lincoln counties)” Hmmmmm….that is factual. If Anderson shafted those counties by subjugating their citizens votes to liberal Augusta, who voted yes, how happy can they be? How much comfort can Bulloch County have? Effingham?

      Most folks on PP didn’t cotton much to SB 31 or Tsplost.

      We don’t have a pecuniary interest in this race other than our household pocketbooks. Lee Anderson is no friend of the middle class but he purely loves establishment politicos.

      Barrow has to be drooling.

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