AG Olens Named Speaker at GOP Convention

Georgia Republicans should be proud that Attorney General Sam Olens was selected as one of the five headline speakers at the 2012 convention in Tampa. Other speakers include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Florida AG Pam Bondi, Texas Republican U.S. Senate nominee Ted Cruz and Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño.

Olens remarked, “We can do better as a country. We must empower Americans to make their own choices across the board. The jobs-killing, unconstitutional policies coming out of Washington, D.C. must be undone. Elections do have consequences and we will start to put our country back on track at the Republican National Convention when we nominate Mitt Romney.”

Who were you expecting to have a major speaking role?


  1. southernpol says:

    Very happy for AG Olens.

    I’d put some money down that Newt will have a speaking role. And I doubt they leave Palin out, unless she would only agree to a headline spot, which I could see her asking for.

  2. Harry says:

    AG Olens is an impressive intellect and speaker, but the major media will ignore him and his speech will not be carried by the networks. They will use the slot for useless chit-chat and BS interviews to spin their anti-Romney version of reality.

  3. To rain on the parade a bit – he is one of five headline speakers announced today. There will be probably 100 “headline” speakers whatever that means.

    • Charlie says:

      And yet, behind the scenes, there are many other GA politicians who survive on nothing other than blind ambition and envy that will remain steamed for weeks that Olens is the only one of them that got this slot. Don’t rain on the parade, just sit back and enjoy it as it goes by.

  4. Jimmie says:

    Did anyone here actually vote for Romney in the Primary? I’m still searching for anyone that voted for him. GA went to Newt in convincing fashion, but finding Romney voters in other States is proving to be a difficult task. Seriously. Who actually voted for Mitt?

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