Morning Reads for August 7th, 2012

The economy desires Democrats as potentates, [Bloomberg]

After all these years, Tacoma Narrows still resonates, [DamnInteresting]

A soldier cum dancer exchanges the sand for the stage, [DailyBeast]

and why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage*. [TheGrist]

Tybee doesn’t know rising seas are a myth, [SavannahMorningNews]

they’d be better off preparing kids to fight Sith, [ApartmentTherapy]

What Hospitals can learn from the Cheescake Factories, [TheNewYorker]

Vonnegut has given you his eight keys to make non-fact stories. [BrainPickings]

Moderate Money flowing in to help Barrow [HotlineOnCall]

on the track, Georgia hopes Florida’s medal lead will narrow, [TeamSpeedKills]

Ryan Lochte admits he pees in the pool, [DigitalJournal]

but Michael Phelps does too so I guess it’s cool. [WSJ]   [YouTube]

CNN Tackles Korean video gaming addiction,  [CNNinteractive]

to cure Atlanta’s traffic, Atlanta Forward debates a 1950’s prescription [AJC]

the Beltline is going back to original plan [AJC]

voting against transportation? Moody’s is not a fan [AJC PoliticalInsider]

Middle Georgia wants to have all their rivers connect and they will need some cash [Telegraph]

here are the plans (sweet more boat ramps), get ready for T-SPLASH! [MidGaARC]


*but it could.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Tybee: Being a close watcher of beach erosion the 11″ rise in sea level around the fort caught my eye. NOAA defines global sea-level and local sea level, there is a difference.

    “Global sea-level rise is a change in the global average sea level due to more water in the world’s oceans. Local sea level, known as relative sea-level change, includes both global sea-level rise and changes in the land elevation. ”

    Around the U.S. there are areas the change is primarily from rising (Alaska) or sinking (Louisiana).

    Some will blame Tybee’s problem on global warming and others will blame it on the dredging of the Savannah River……but meanwhile they need to raise the minimum elevations when building something !

    • Stefan says:

      Another change Tybee is considering is building new dunes. I assume most barrier islands will have to use that trick. 50 years from now, all the world’s sand may be used to rebuild our islands and our nation’s children will have to play in the backyard in a tofu-box instead. Or maybe a rusted out SUV.

      • ricstewart says:

        Somebody stole a sand dune on Tybee about a month ago. I didn’t realize it was a crime to remove a sand dune (or portions of it) until I saw the front-page story in the Savannah Morning News about the investigation by EPD and Tybee police. Turned out to be one of the hotels on the island.

      • saltycracker says:

        The man-made diversions (like sea walls) or “improvements (like dredging inlets) that creates many of the problems. In my personal case my beach has been growing for decades as the corps of engineers maintains a poorly dersigned inlet, eroding the immediate area & building my area down current.

        Anyone ever looked at the change of barrier islands since the 1600’s ? Change is what they do.

  2. SallyForth says:

    According to Phelps, “everybody pees in the pool while they’re hanging on the wall at the pads.” Moral of that story: Only swim in the middle of the pool when working out with Olympic swimmers, and if you happen to live through it, celebrate by peeing in the pool.

    • Happy Face says:

      Not as bad as what long distance runners and cyclists do and I’m not just talking about pee :O

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