Accusations Of Purchased Endorsements And Photoshopped Photos Take 12th CD Race To A Weird Place

Yesterday came news the former 12th district Congressional Candidate Maria Sheffield had endorsed rival Lee Anderson. Anderson finished in first place in last Tuesday’s Primary with almost 35% of the vote. Anderson faces Rick Allen in the 8/21 runoff.

It’s not uncommon for former rivals to endorse one another but this is where things get weird. Chip Lake, who works for Rick Allen’s campaign, alleges that Sheffield wanted $50,000 for her endorsement. Allen wasn’t willing to pay up and consequently didn’t get the endorsement. A classic non-denial denial followed from Kat Ballou, spokeswoman for Sheffield:

”Chip was not in the room when Maria had a positive meeting with Rick Allen. Maria had a one-on-one meeting with Lee Anderson and her debt was not mentioned.

“This statement reflects back on Chip Lake, demonstrates his character, and the only person hurt with this statement is Rick Allen. The only person who this statement – by Chip Lake – has helped is John Barrow.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder someone put photoshopped images of Lee Anderson on Facebook and Anderson’s website:

Anderson said a picture was posted on Facebook of his face on another man’s body who was engaged in sexual activity. The picture also was posted on Anderson’s campaign Web site and e-mailed to many people on his contact list.

The photos have been removed and the authorities have been contacted.

While the photoshopped images are disturbing they are likely to have little impact on this race, unless the perpetrator is found. The allegations Sheffield gave her endorsement in exchange for money to pay off campaign debt is troubling and could impact the outcome of the runoff.


  1. ricstewart says:

    Funny that Allen’s campaign hasn’t presented any evidence that Anderson paid for the endorsement. For anyone who watched the APC debate, it was easy to see this endorsement coming.

    • Charlie says:

      They didn’t claim that Anderson paid. They claim that Maria brought up $50K in campaign debt three times when she met with Allen.

      Notice Kat’s usual style in her statement to Galloway. There’s no denial there, just trashing of folks telling the truth with a little misdirection thrown in.

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