Olympic Great Talks To One Of Our Own

It was a brief word that Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps spoke to one of our own Peach Pundit colleagues, Ed Hula…literally brief:

As Michael Phelps left a news conference at the Olympic Aquatic Center on Saturday, a photographer rushed up and asked, “Can I get one more photo?”

There is, of course, no shortage of photos of the American swimming great. He has posed for them more times than most of us ever will. But this time, Phelps continued walking through a doorway, not stopping or turning back, cradling a silver trophy honoring him as the greatest Olympian of all time. And before the door shut behind him, after one of the last news conferences of his career, Phelps had a one-word answer.

“No,” he shouted, emphatically.

The photographer, Ed Hula III of Around the Rings, turned to me smiling.

“Michael Phelps just talked to me!” he said. “He talked to ME!”

Kudos to Ed for getting to talk, albeit a brief word, to one of the greatest Olympians in modern history and making it to the NPR page.  I’m sure he can now check that off of his bucket list.  Good job, sir.


  1. Ed says:

    First off, when did Phelps start writing for PP. Second, I wouldn’t call me a great, but thanks.

    Heard in London today: “Whatever happened to the guy who got told ‘no’ by Michael Phelps? Boy did that get old fast.”

    I’m officially a has-been.

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