Tippett Taps Allen For GA-12 GOP Endorsement

Runoff’s are fun because they’re brand new elections, and not generally extensions of an existing campaign.  As such, new coalitions must quickly be forged and sometimes even new campaign themes emerge.

The campaign for Rick Allen in GA-12 got a boost this morning from the endorsement of Pat Tippett, co-founder of Georgia Conservatives In Action.  While still not a household name to many in Georgia households, Tippett has fashioned her organization to hold much of the clout that used to be dispensed under the names of the Christian Coalition or Georgia Right To Life.

Tippett is also very close to Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons, who has yet to endorse in the race but was considered the front runner had he decided to seek the nomination.  She serves as the Senator’s Constituent Services Director.

The endorsement sets up a battle for the Southern portions of GA-12, as Lee Anderson’s base of Columbia County and Allen’s base of Richmond/Augusta are both in the northern end of the district.  Anderson’s network extends throughout the district via his service to the board of the Farm Bureau.  Allen now has a district wide network of evangelicals to counter that as both sprint to a runoff election date in a few weeks.


  1. Congratulations to Mr. Lee Anderson for his 8% lead over Rick Allen! I’m not sure this endorsement from Pat does Rick much good, because I don’t think people really care too much. (Lee has received hundreds of endorsements from numerous local and community leaders in the district including state officials.) This runoff is going to be an interesting one, but one thing is clear –Mr. Anderson is the clear front-runner in this race! Frankly, we still don’t know whether Rick will be in the runoff with Lee. It may very well be McLeod, considering there is only about 1/2 percent difference between him and Rick. We won’t know officially until sometime this week.

    What I found more interesting is that Rick Allen just loaned his campaign an additional $250,000. If Rick is so popular, why would he need to self-fund his campaign? Is he unable to earn any significant donations? Lee sure has. Truth is, Rick can’t buy district 12 or buy this election, people will see through his strategy and they will become numb to his mailers, t.v. and radio ads. I think Rick’s primary problem is his lack of voter contact. And that obvious lack is probably going to cost Rick the election significantly.

    No matter how often ya’ll attempt to ignore Lee Anderson’s success, background, and competence as a candidate, he will continue to be a formidable opponent. Lee is well respected among the community throughout district 12, and he continues to operate a very steady and successful campaign. Believe it or not, the folks want a down-to-earth American who knows what it means to work for a living. And with a little more preparation and careful messaging, Lee can and will easily defeat the incumbent Congressman John Barrow.

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