Morning Reads for Thursday, Aug 2nd

I’ve been out of town this week but heard through the grapevine that TSPLOST didn’t pass.  Sweet.  Just because I wasn’t for TSPLOST doesn’t mean I’m not for a solution to Atlanta’s traffic issues.  The project list simply wasn’t reasonable.  Mayor Reed, if you read PP, I’m on board to help with your next solution – no really.  Call me, maybe.


  • With TSPLOST dominating the airwaves, there wasn’t a ton of conversation on fourteen state lawmakers being defeated or drawn into runoffs.  I found it particularly interesting that “In House District 34, Republican incumbent Judy Manning of Marietta (44 percent) was defeated by Charles Gregory of Kennesaw (56 percent).”  Charles Gregory, a young Libertarian with light funding during the campaign, is now my representative.  Welcome, Rep Gregory.  I look forward to working with you to improve Cobb County.
  • C’monnn Aug 12 – Cobb finally OKs getting to’ up from the flo’ up on Sundays.  TYJ 😉
  • The Cobb Chairman’s Race.  Buh.  My guy didn’t make the runoff.  Apathy will truly make this race go either way.  It will indeed be a turnout issue on Aug 21.  Tim Lee was behind TSPLOST.  Bill Byrne got a little tin-foily during the debates.  This one’s a toss up, but I’ll still vote against big spending.
  • Libertarian David Staples officially qualified for the PSC race yesterday.  There’s a high probability of Republicans getting on board to help him against incumbent Stan Wise.
  • Voters split on the gambling question.  50.25% voted Yes; 49.75% voted No.
  • If you read Peach Pundit, I can only assume you know where to get election results, but here’s a quick link for you.
  • Unopposed state Senate candidate disqualified, meaning there will not be a Republican candidate in the general election in state Senate District 35.
Hybrid local and national: Three Georgia Congressmen (Tom Graves, Austin Scott, Rob Woodall) will be hosting a fundraiser for Governor Mitt Romney at Park Tavern on Wednesday, August 15.  The reception is with Josh Romney (Governor Romney’s son) ; it’s geared towards the Young Professionals.  Dabney Hollis (404-791-7179) or Stephanie Jones (404-849-7211) can provide more details. Email me at [email protected] if you want me to forward the flyer.



Items of Interest:

  • Chick-fil-A – don’tcha just love it?  My FB feed went nuts with your CFA photos yesterday.  Crowds flock to Chick-fil-A.
  • UGA Alumni Association ‘40 under Forty’ announced.  You’ll recognize at least six of the names as Georgia Politicos.  Congrats, everyone.



  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Less than 6% didn’t make through the primary in a one party state that has 95% one party districts, a percentage that may be significantly less after runoffs.

    Welcome to Georgia—it’s business as usual.

  2. I Miss the 90s says:

    The on-goings in recent days over the Chik-Fila controversy is not white noise and to suggest so is rather offensive.

    Just as the Cathy’s have their right to believe what they want, we also have the right to boycott their products to prevent corporate funds and Cathy’s income from going to support discrimination in marriage and other contractual relations (yes, marriage is just a contract and same-sex marriage opponents do not believe that same-sex couples have the same rights to engage in contract with one another).

    I love those chicken biscuits they make at Chik-Fila…and it aggravates me to no end knowing that if I purchase one of those that I would be contributing to a campaign to systematically deny civil liberties to a group of people labeled as deviants by CEO’s interpretation of his religious beliefs.

    There is no constitutional ground to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples…there are only religious grounds. I love our country…specifically the part of the 1st Amendment that supposedly guarantees me not just a freedom to practice what religion I choose, or none at all, but I am also supposedly protected against your (and the Cathy’s) religion.

    This is not white noise. At the very least the boycott against Chik-fila is a reminder that if we do not band together and pursue collective goals that a few wealthy and entrenched interests will work to systematically deny rights to people base on personal traits and beliefs. This is exactly what wealth conservative interests were doing when they opposed the abolition movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, and many others…now the LGBT rights movement. If conservatives want to stop seeing these types of headlines it is really simple: stop trying to deny people their civil rights.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m confused as to the point of your post. It appears you’re trying to say your boycott is working. I won’t insult your intelligence to pretend you actually believe that, so is there something else you’re trying to say?

    • Noway says:

      Hey 90’s, how’s that boycott working our for you? LMAOOO! Did you see the lines at Chik Fil a yesterday? Great strategy!

      • Noway says:

        “At the very least the boycott against Chik-fila is a reminder….” Blah, blah, blah. You got your reminder yesterday. That reminder was that it’s not too smart to insult over 75% of the folks in this country who call themselves Christians.

          • Noway says:

            What you got was a reaction from people within the vast majority of Americans who are tired of being insulted for their beliefs by elected politicians. You’ll see the same in November.

            • Blake says:

              Vast majority? Dream on.

              I am far from 100% confident that Obama will win re-election in November, but if current trends continue (or merely hold steady), you’re going to be very disappointed.

                • Blake says:

                  And all those Christians believe the same thing, “Skippy”? Again: dream on.

                  As to your next comment, generalizing to all “libs” based on two mayors: plenty of other “libs” smacked them down for their unethical (probably illegal) threats to withhold business licenses. Your self-righteousness is interfering with your grasp of reality.

                  I notice you had no comment about the evidence that Chik-Fil-A has taken a huge brand hit. Long lines for a day are one thing; we’ll see how it goes over the longer term.

              • Noway says:

                Obama may, indeed, win. This whole Chik Fil A thing came about after Mayor Rahm and his Boston buddy said that Cathy’s values were not Chicago’s and Boston;s guy said that Chik Fil A wasn’t welcome there. And I’ll let the lines and patronage of Chik Fil A speak for themselves. The tolerance that the libs screech about seemingly goes only one way. Be tolerant of gay rights but libs won’t be tolerant of Christian expression. Take one last look at those lines! LOL!

                • John Konop says:


                  Do you think President Reagan is a liberal? How About Barry Goldwater liberal or conservative?

                  ….In 1978, California voters rejected Proposition 6, which would have barred gays from teaching in public schools. The defeat of Prop. 6 is often attributed to Ronald Reagan’s opposition to the measure, as expressed in a Los Angeles Herald-Examiner op-ed right before the election. (He probably didn’t write the op-ed himself….


                  “It’s time America realized that there was no gay exemption in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence” — Barry Goldwater


                  • Noway says:

                    John, re-read my posts. This whole thing started when politicians slammed Cathy’s views regarding his preference on marriage. Like you and I discussed earlier, those particular politicians said that Cathy’s company’s values were not Chicago’s values and Boston’s mayor said CFA wasn’t welcome. Throw in the instance of the Speaker of New York’s City Council’s calling for the closure of a CFA restaurant and it was the supporters of CFA who were responding to criticisms of Cathy. I have not said that gays should be discriminated against in any way shape or form. I am commenting on the overwhelming actions of support of CFA that were displayed yesterday.

                    • Noway says:

                      And anti-Cathy/CFA protestors are planning their own protests tomorrow. More power to them. Everyone is entitled to their opinions to views they might disagree with. The CFA supporters just didn’t like the idea of powerful politicians threatening a private business as was done in Boston and NYC.

                    • John Konop says:

                      My only point is some people equate gay bashing with being a Reagan conservative. And that logic is far from the truth. As you know the father of the conservative movement Goldwater was a major supporter of people having their personal rights protected. Goldwater would support Cathy having the right to say what he wants, as much as a gay person having the same legal rights as you and I. That is why this is a tricky issue to run on.

                      If a company gave money to the KKK I would not buy products from them. As a Jewish person I would support the right for a company to do whatever they want their money. On the other hand I would not march in support of the company.

                      Now can you not see how a gay person would not have the same above view I have about the KKK for the groups attacking them?

                      The problem is we all know gay people who are either family, freinds, employees………… It would be rather insensitive of me not to walk in their shoes with this issue.

        • I Miss the 90s says:

          Just because a group constitutes a majority does not make it ‘right.’ Ask any Jew in 1930s Germany. Ask any African American up to the 1970s in the US. This is what conservative WASPs in the US do not understand: what it is like to be a minority.

          For the record, it is not smart to stand by why bigot Christians labor to oppress those they believe to be undesirable. Even when you guys round us non-WASPs and/or non-heterosexuals up in put us in camps again, standing by is not the smart thing to do.

          Will the boycott work? Not if you believe it will end generations of inbred thinking about the will of some fictitious deity. At best we can hope that it will generate public awareness and remind the world that we are all human beings and we, as a human race, need to stop oppressing each other over petty differences.

          • Charlie says:

            Unusual for your posts, I still have no idea what point you’re actually trying to make. And then you double down and tacitly invoke Godwin’s Law.

            I think it’s time for you to step away from the keyboard and come back on another issue.

            • I Miss the 90s says:

              My point is simply that dismissing these events as ‘white noise’ is stupid and prejudice. If that was unclear from my posts I blame the utter inability of the English language to.convey intent when written (after all, it is an ambiguous language).

            • I Miss the 90s says:

              I will add that when one considers the followng line of thought, they can not help but be reminded of Nazis:

              If you belong to group ‘X’ then you are prohibited from engaging in ‘Y.’

              BTW, Godwin’s so called ‘law’ is b/s. It is a tautology and does not merit the label of ‘theory,’ much less that of law.

          • Noway says:

            90’s, the bigoted thinking that began this whole circus was intolerant statements made by politicians regarding Cathy’s expression of his religious beliefs. Cathy wasn’t saying he wouldn’t serve gays or that he wanted to impose sanctions on them for their lifestyles. The only sanctions in the entire discussion were proposed by mayors who were pandering to the gay constituency by saying CFA wasn’t welcome in their states or municipalities. In an era where jobs are as scarce as hen’s teeth, that’s not only bigoted in its own way but economically stupid.

            So, when you see the “inbreds” (your word) getting all POed and showing their displeasure at the slamming of their religious beliefs, don’t get offended by it. You were not the aggrieved party. And most folks in this world believe in some type of “fictitious” deity. It’s just in this country upwards of 80% are Christian in some form. Not a good group to offend if you’re not looking for some kind of push-back.
            And looking at it from a purely political point of view, even those who think that the CFA supporters are a bunch of hayseeds, the tactical blunder of making so many of them mad was enormous. I’m of the opinion that they will repeat their show of support on election day.

            • John Konop says:


              ………90′s, the bigoted thinking that began this whole circus was intolerant statements made by politicians regarding Cathy’s expression of his religious beliefs…….

              The organizations Cathy supports promotes gay people going into therapy as if they are mentally ill. Can you not see how a gay person would find this extremely insulting and intolerant?

              • Noway says:

                Well, I’ll quote a learned gentleman who posted yesterday that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” That would be you, John. Point well taken. Intolerance on either side is harmful.

  3. ricstewart says:

    Is this David Staples character one of the Staple Singers?
    If so, he’s got my vote. If not, I would lie and put it on my campaign literature anyway.

  4. Noway says:

    The libs are hysterically funny! Rahm Emmanuel says that Chik fil-A doesn’t represent Chicago values. Essentially the same message from the Boston mayor. The result? Typical Christian bashing leads to Chik Fil A’s most profitable day in the company’s history!!

    “Please don’t throw me in that there briar patch,” says Brer Rabbit to Brer Bear!!

    I can already see the political commercials featuring ‘ol Rahm’s response! I can see the commercial featuring Obama’s “you didn’t build that…” Same with his 2008 response to Joe the Plumber, “spread the wealth around…” Put them all together on an endless loop and the base will be more energized that 2010 ever thought about being!

    Repubs are chomping at the bit to get to the pols! Throw in some previously uninspired Christians (until the Chik Fil A fiasco) and you have the spark that just may push Obama out of the White House in November. Admiral Yamamoto ain’t the first man to have awakened a sleeping giant!! Great job, Rahm!!! What a *****-bag!

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Just as you have the right to support them by eating there, I have the right to not give them my money. I do not see this as Christian bashing. I am a conservative and a Christian who happens to believe that it is not my place to deny someone legal rights because of my religious beliefs and judgements.

      As an aside, if we truly want to “preserve traditional marraige”, we should be looking at restrictions on divorce/ shoring up existing marraiges. The divorce rate is already at 50%. That is if people are getting married at all these days. How can we think that the gheys are the problem when the problem existed before they pushed for their rights?


  5. John Konop says:

    This is a real problem many of us should be talking about! Education cost is out of control……………

    …..What college will cost in 18 years

    The latest projections could give even the wealthiest parents pause. Experts and parents are looking for solutions……

    ….In 18 years, the average sticker price for a private university could be as much as $130,428 a year (see chart below). The situation isn’t much better if you go the public route. Sending your child to a state university could set you back at least $41,228 a year…..

  6. debbie0040 says:

    I did purchase lunch at Chik fil-A yesterday and will start eating their on a regular basis. Some groups are all for free speech for themselves but think it does not apply to others.

    The number one issue was lack of trust. The paid consultants could not do much about that.
    There were unanticipated factors in place that were not considered when the campaign plan was drawn up. It was a “perfect storm” so to speak with so many groups coming out opposing it. Many activists (both Democrat and Republican) were upset over the elitist attiude of the Chamber guys out front advocating for T-SPLOST and that also hurt T-SPLOST’s chances.

    • John Konop says:

      ……… I did purchase lunch at Chik fil-A yesterday and will start eating their on a regular basis. Some groups are all for free speech for themselves but think it does not apply to others….

      I do agree that the owner has the right to do what he wants to do with his money. But it is rather insensitive of you as the leader of the TEA PARTY to promote anti-gay groups. I am against affirmative action, but 110% supportive of equal opportunity. I am very sensitive of this issue growing up Jewish years ago, in an environment the excluded us from joining clubs, parents not excepting you dating their daughter via religious reasons………..

      You have the right to be prejudice with your personal life in America. But to openly support that speaks more about you as a person than the people you are judging. Ironically many of you do this in the name of Jesus, and he stood for love. What would Jesus think?

      • Noway says:

        John, did not several politicians in the last several days say that Chik Fil A wasn’t welcome in their town or should be closed down? How’s that for THEIR tolerance of differing views or points of view? What would Jesus think?

          • Noway says:

            Agreed! This incident has sparked passions on both sides. Let me just say I think will be a very effective issue to be used by the right in stirring up passions for the Repubs come election time. I think if Emmanuel could have a “do over” on this he wouldn’t have said what he did. It played right into the wheelhouse of a Mike Huckabee to start the day of support for Chik fil A. And to be fair, I think Romney couldn’t have possibly energized his base like this on his own. He is a pretty dull fellow, but miscues like this may allow him to win despite of himself!

            • John Konop says:


              At this point the election is won by independents. That is why Romney has given Palin no roll at the convention. Putting all the politics aside it will come down to the economy in my opinion. If it stays about the same or gets a little better Obama wins. If it gets worse Romney is the next president. Ironically most of this will be driven by factors we have very little control over, Europe staying together, the middle east blowing up…………. Like it or not we have become very inter dependent on the world via our trade policy.

  7. saltycracker says:

    Staples for PUC: a fresh look is good. Right now I’m not seeing enough of the libertarian side until he expands our options which include clean coal and natural gas generation by the big players that some want to selectively restrict.

    • Hrmm, I thought we had talked about that already. As a Libertarian, I’m open to both clean coal and natural gas, so long as they can compete in the free market on price post-emissions controls. I know I’ve said in the past that I don’t see a whole lot of coal in Georgia’s near future, but that’s because of the price of coal powered generation when you factor in the other associated costs (according to the reports and research I’ve read anyways… if you find differently, please let me know). And that’s just the current climate… it’s certainly possible that the prices of clean coal technology / scrubbers could come way down in which case we could see coal on our radar again one day. But it absolutely has to compete on the emissions level as well. Companies are sinking billions of dollars into research on emissions controls, but right now it’s very costly. There are some interesting videos on the subject here:

      That’s the same reason that at the GIPL forum I answered the question about a concrete renewable energy portfolio standard the way I did – because the question didn’t include a timeframe. 50 years ago, could we have imagined the types of technology we have today? In the same regards, I don’t think we can truly know what kinds of technology will exist 50 years from today. So short term, we should look at what is available now and set goals for using a variety of power generation sources taking into account the possibility that one day fuel costs could possibly make some forms of electrical generation too costly – in which case we then have an issue where a power plant is sitting idle unless it is able to accommodate multiple types of fuel. And that’s where the long term view comes in. It has to compete on the long term as well because nobody wants to spend millions or billions of dollars building a power plant that is only going to be used for 5 or 10 years.

    • saltycracker says:

      Guess the Dow isn’t going to 38,000 ?……But not to worry about that debt…..we can hyerinflate a lot of it away ! And 7% treasuries is a return to the norm not the end of the world. Our politicians are not going to do anything until a crisis hits, then they’ll promise to “save” us.

      • saltycracker says:

        P.S. Our Republicans have promised not to raise taxes and they want to work with the Democrats ,so they won’t stop handing out money…….everybody is happy…..

    • SallyForth says:

      @Harry, scary read and it’s outrageous that the media refuses to show this and provide the info for average Americans to try and prepare – just in case these guys are right again.

  8. John Vestal says:

    I bought a CFA spicy sandwich, then went across the street for a Starbucks grandé to go with it. I set them both down on the table and the sandwich actually started sliding away from the coffee!

    I also started hearing the theme from “The Omen” very faintly in my head.

    What does it mean?! :-Þ

  9. David C says:

    Can we boycott Chik-fil-a until they change the name of the Peach Bowl back? I think that’s something all Atlantans could agree on…

  10. Harry says:

    I like the idea of affinity marketing, which is the effect of what’s going on with CFA. For example, if there were a search engine which unlike Google would recognize Christian holidays on their homepage along with anything else they can think of….I’d patronize it too. I’d like to spend money with you if you accept my values. I mean, homosexuals have their affinity websites, so why can’t we?

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Who has said you cannot support who you believe? That’s the part of this whole argument I dont get. The gays havent said CFA should be shut down. The majority of the pro-marraige rights (except for the two mayors) people have simply said they will no longer patronize. They are voting with their feet. The same is being done by the anti-marraige rights people.

      (Which all ends in a somewhat zero sum game, but thats neither here nor there.)

  11. SallyForth says:

    I had a very busy day today, just now dropped by to see what was shaking on P/P. Reading through this day’s M/R posts made these thoughts keep running through my mind: Why in the devil do we spend SO much time in public discussion of the sex life of any segment of our population, and why do some people base their politics totally on their sex lives?

    In the words of that bard Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” I won’t force my sexual views on you if you don’t force yours on me. Let’s put our energy in the public forum toward things like the economy, jobs, ungodly traffic problems, jobs, education, jobs, health care, jobs, tens of thousands of Georgia school children who are homeless, jobs, this summer’s paralyzing drought, jobs, endless war, jobs, etc. Heck, it seems like forever since I’ve even seen a good P/P squabble over that old standby, illegal immigration.

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