Time For The Warm Fuzzies

Well, it’s over.  There were a few surprises and a few nail-biters, but now we have our nominees.  Congratulations to the victors, and thank you to all the candidates who decided to seek public office.  We can be pretty flippant, cynical, and snarky towards politicians, but I have no doubt that running for office takes a lot of time, energy, and resources…not to mention the stress of running a campaign and waiting on pins and needles watching the results come in on election night.

But now it’s over.  Some people continue on to a run-off in August, the General Election in November, or just sit back and relax since they have no opposition (unless an independent were to qualify by noon on August 3rd).  Both parties will now work towards reunification post-primary.

Good luck to the victors who have competition in November, and good luck to those who are facing off in the August run-off.

I’m going to bed now.