Here’s A Thought: Why Don’t Georgia Republicans Set A 10-Year Plan To Improve Georgia?

In talking with 14th District Chairman Darrell Galloway, his wife and state coordinator of Americans for Prosperity Virginia Galloway, and 14th District Vice-Chairman Chuck Payne at Congressman Tom Graves’ Corn Roast in Gordon County Saturday evening, the issue of incrementalism (i.e., moving the football down the field towards the goal rather than giving up after 1 play just because you don’t make a touchdown) and, ultimately, the question of “why don’t we have a 10-year plan to get Georgia off the dependence of education and transportation funding from the federal government?” came up.  T-SPLOST looks like it may be DOA come Tuesday evening, and with no supposed “Plan B”, this may give us an opportunity for our state leaders to do some outside-of-the-box thinking in coming up with effective solutions for Georgia’s transportation situation (perhaps they can look at reforming the Georgia Department of Transportation board and doing a little bit of cleaning house…might want to look at how those gasoline taxes are used as well).

The Georgia Republican Party will be electing a new chairman since current chairman Sue Everhart is term-limited.  We’ve gone from being the minority party in the state and transitioned into the majority party.  We must now govern and keep the promises we made back on the campaign trail.  The new state chairman will have to maintain the majority, and I believe it’s going to have to be a coordinated effort between both chambers in the legislature, the governor, and our national representatives.  The legislature will need to get its act together and actually work as a team.  Here’s the reality, we can’t change things overnight, but what we can do is set a list of goals and action items we can do over the next decade to help better our state and reduce our reliance on the federal government.

I know some of the folks in the higher echelons of state government read our blog (and thanks…we appreciate your and everyone’s readership), so I’m making a request as a citizen taxpayer and voter and as a leader in the Georgia Republican Party…what is the plan to offer voters that says “yes, we are doing our best to govern conservatively…here is our plan over the next 10 years on what we would like to accomplish and here’s our immediate set of goals over the next 2 years to help us move in that direction”?

2014 will be coming around soon enough, and I believe we’re at or close to critical mass for Republicans in Georgia.  I don’t believe we can continue to say “vote for us because we’re not Democrats”, but rather we must start offering a unified plan that we can all get behind.  If I were to make a recommendation to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker, and the leadership in both chambers, it would be to begin looking at where we can see about taking sole ownership of transportation and education and begin saying to the federal government “we don’t want federal dollars…we’ve got this.”  You never know, Georgia may become a model for other states to do the same.  If it becomes more and more popular across the nation, then we will probably see the federal departments of transportation and education fold.  Sure, it’s a big dream, but aren’t most stretch goals?  I just hope that someone is taking note.


  1. Scott65 says:

    Nice thought…but 2 phrases come to mind
    1. You get what you pay for
    2. There aint no free lunch

    Under #1…if you allow corruption which is rampant in this state to continue…thats what you are paying for. Also, if there is no revenue coming in, you cant build infrastructure needed to attract companies that hire people. As far as dumping federal matching funds…thats just crazy. Its the Federal Governments job to appropriate funds to the states for projects of federal interest…infrastructure is certainly one of those things. Also, in a 10/90 split (local/federal) where on earth are we going to come up with the 90%???

    Under #2…if you keep cutting taxes for special interests, you reduce revenue. These things dont come about for free…the is no infrastructure/education fairy that waves a wand a roads and schools appear.

    We need to work WITH the federal government for funding not thumb our noses at it, because every dollar we turn our back on is a dollar NC and other competing states will say thank you can we have another. The money will be there…and we should have every right to claim it as anyone else.
    Legislators working together for the benefit of the state as a whole…nice dream…but past performance proves future actions I’m afraid

  2. Scott65 says:

    side note…is anyone else getting an intermittent “cloudfare site is offline” page? Its like every other click

  3. Rick Day says:

    Why Don’t Georgia Republicans Set A 10-Year Plan To Improve Georgia?

    Because that would require:

    a willingness to lead
    planning something other than a fund raiser
    a white POTUS

    *eh-eh* that duck ain’t gonna float, my friend.

    • Calypso says:

      Eight out 10 is pretty good.

      Bi-partisanship is not needed. The ball rests solely in the court of the Repubs. They asked for it, they got it, but what they hell are they gonna do with it?

      I don’t think too many folks buy your Anglo Prez red-herring. There are plenty enough reasons the Republican can, and do, screw things up without bringing that weak argument into play.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Great idea advocating that Georgia Republicans set a 10-year plan.

    If it were November 2004 that is.

  5. truth says:

    A change in the manner in which the GDOT Board is appointed is a great first step. The legislature must stop rewarding former legislators with these plum positions. Put some people on the Board that actually knows how to make wise decisions.

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