Morning Reads for July 31st


  • Dale Earnhardt doesn’t care about potential changes in clime, (Politico)
  • and this might be the Worst Political Ad of All Time. (WaPo-TheFix)
  • Mitt says Socialized Medicine is good for the Jews, (NYTimes)
  • but not for us because America might have a “culturally different” flu.  (WaPo)
  • Barak praising Barack, it boggles the mind,  (CNN)
  • US-Russia trade agreement faces a difficult climb (TheHill)
  • If you are looking for a reason to root for Ryan Lochte to lose, (Deadspin)
  • the Dawgs trail Gators in medals but only by two (DawgSports)
  • Criticizing NBC is some sort of twitter crime (Consumerist),
  • but revealing results right before the races is totally fine (Deadspin)
  • (to say nothing about ignoring Olympians that are past their prime) (AJC)
  • Campaign cash organized in graphical reds and blues (Wall Street Journal)
  • And this vote prediction map lets you check even the lone county’s moods (WaPo)
  • Nathan Deal and Kasim Reed team up like Voltron to cut through T-Splost rancor (CL-Wheatley)
  • And unintended consequences may be babies that anchor  (AP)
  • Before something there was nothing, but we don’t know what yet,  (Slate)
  • Your email address owes this man a great debt (Wired)
  • And if in your life you were ever a Boy Scout,
  • that you need to read this essay is beyond any doubt (BrotherKenneth),
  • Braves win on Monday AND make a trade (AJC)
  • Student Loan Money for-profit schools doth invade  (Consumerist)
  • Chatham County braces for low election turnout  (SMN),
  • Best looking men in the country? Its Wake Forest* in a rout! (Winston-Salem Journal),
  • The time Ralph Reed went searching for General Butt Naked (Vanity Fair),
  • and predicting our future using what we’ve forsaken (WaPo)


*at the risk of providing additional fodder, the author must note Wake Forest is his alma mater.



  1. Stefan says:

    My apologies to the Peach Pundit world. Due to a glitch on my end, these didn’t properly post at 7 AM. Unless you are in California, in which case, nevermind.

  2. John Vestal says:

    Good find on the Slate article re: Jim Holt’s book…thanks for that! I’m a self-admitted slut for anything related to our and the universe’s (multiverse’s?) origins.

    Your link also led me to this new article regarding the creationism problem Jindal is having in Louisiana. About a month or so ago I was involved in a thread (another msg board) regarding this voucher program and the issue of the (non-)science some of the eligible schools were teaching. Fun times. :>)

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