Michael Opitz, We Hardly Knew Ya

With the scarce resources we have here, we’ve generally focused on the races where there was an actual contest. Comedic relief is sometimes an exception. I regret that we did not spend more time on the YouTube brillance from the campaign of Michael Opitz.


  1. Baker says:

    That is spectacular.

    Only part of that movie that is remotely enjoyable.

    Related note: Charles Durning was at D-Day and his story of the landing is amazing.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Meh. I voted for Llop. Mostly because Phil is over 70 and needs to pack it in. Congress ain’t a retirement community.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      “Congress ain’t a retirement community.”

      Despite all the gaffers tottering around The Hill.

      • Three Jack says:

        Regrettably I also voted for Llop before seeing the video where he strongly supports the current progressive tax system…just damn! Good news, he ain’t winning. Bad news, Gingrey returns to Cocoonville and will be up for re-election at 72.

        • CobbGOPer says:

          And he’ll damn sure run again. Because Congress is so much better than sipping mai-tais on the beach. Retire already.

  3. jpmsouth says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the 11th Congressional debate in Cherokee County 8 days ago. Gingrey NEVER answered a single question posed by the panel or the audience. The rules said the candidate had 2 minutes to answer questions, with a large timer in the background running time. In every question Gingrey spent 1:55 telling us “that is a great question” and restated the question for 1.55. At the 1:55 mark he would start an answer and be cut off due to running out of time.
    The video clearly demonstrated what 200+ people saw first hand in Cherokee County by Phil Gingrey. William Llop admitted some issues he did not know the answers to and articulated his support of the progressive tax plus wanting to raise the tax rates higher. Michael Opitz answered every question directly and gave each answer based on the Constitution and fiscal conservancy.
    Gingrey demonstrated to us first hand what is wrong in Washington.

    • GOPdawgs says:

      Michael Opitz is a buffoon extremist who has been exposed as such throughout his entire campaign. Those who have paid attention understand now why, in the past, he was asked to cease and desist his efforts on behalf of other GOP leaders during their campaigns. He has run a campaign for Congress based on a gross misunderstanding of select provisions in previous national security and cybersecurity legislation, while offering no solutions of his own. In fact, he hasn’t offered a single solution to anything throughout his entire campaign. He has no credibility as a candidate for office or as an advocate for the constitution in our community.

      • Winston says:

        GOPdawgs it’s not that I disagree with you, but question why you would waste the time on someone who is not taken seriously and is completely irrelevant.

        80.93% 75,570
        9.20% 8,587
        9.87% 9,216

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