It’s a Big Day in Cobb County (the Cobb Thread)

… and yet here I am in the booming metropolis of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.   Since I’m not in Georgia today, no election night parties for me 🙁   Sigh –  Mama loves a good “Down With TSPLOST and Casinos” Party.  My pitchfork is in the garage if anyone wants to swing by the house and borrow it.

I have my Twitter and FB feeds to keep me routinely updated, but it’d be cool if the locals consolidated Cobb info on this thread.  Maybe put the time before your comment in case the updates get out of whack when replies are posted?

Most of the Metro area will obviously be watching Cobb as the TSPLOST battleground.  I predict a runoff for the Chairman’s race, and the outcome of TSPLOST will determine whether or not Pro-TSPLOSTer Tim Lee can hold on to his current chairmanship.

My Primary Ballot isn’t nearly as influential as Charlie’s, but here’s how I voted last Thursday:

PSC: Chuck Eaton
PSC: Pam Davidson
11th Congressional: Phil Gingrey
State Rep, 34th:  Judy Manning
DA, Cobb Judicial Circuit: Cindi Yeager
Clerk of Superior Court: Rebecca Keaton
Chairman, Board of Commissioners: Mike Boyce
Casino Gambling: NO
Gift Caps: YES
Military Carry: YES
Primary election registration: YES
Right to Life (as proposed here): NO
Judge, Superior Court of Cobb: Reuben Green
Judge, Superior Court of Cobb: Van Pearlberg (p.s. I hear Greg Poole is a good guy, but Van was my city councilman.)
State Court Judge: Marsha Lake
Sunday Sales: YES
Marietta City Council: Patti Pearlberg


  1. Calypso says:

    Bridget, I’m curious as to why you are voting ‘yes’ on the party registration question. Care to elaborate? Thanks.

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