A Word From Chuck Eaton

We’re not going to print many of these.  Incumbents, after all, are supposed to win.  (Though I wish a few more hadn’t).  Chuck Eaton has had a rough couple of weeks.  He lost his mother last week and buried her this week.  He didn’t get to finish his primary campaign the way he had planned, but he still finished strong.  Below is his statement, and I’m glad he’s one of the incumbents that survived.  I’ll be voting for him in November as well:

“I am grateful to the people of Georgia for allowing me the opportunity to represent the Republican party in November.

I also want to thank Governor Deal, Lt. Governor Cagle, Attorney General Olens and all the grassroots activists who supported our campaign.

As we move toward November, we will continue the discussion of whether Georgia wants lower rates, reliable utilities, and more good jobs, or whether we wish to change course and pursue a radical agenda that will cost more money from consumers, and make our state less competitive for new jobs.”


  1. Napoleon says:

    Chuck is an asset to the PSC, but, I hope for the sake of Georgia that one day he will set his sights a little higher. People like him are all too rare in politics and I’m glad the rest of the voters recognized that and gave him a well deserved second term.

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