#117 meets Phil, the hardest working political guy in JC18

I was the 117th person to vote in person as of 9:20 AM. I was the 97th Republican primary voter at my precinct, Johns Creek 18 in North Fulton County.  There were 20 Democratic primary voters who had voted as of that point, as well, for a total of 117 in-person voters.  Anyone else care to report *confirmed* turnout numbers?

Next… you HAVE respect the heck out of this guy (in photo)!  Meet Phil, the hardest working guy in politics today in my precinct.

Do the math here: Phil is volunteering for a *Democratic* candidate in a heavy Republican area, standing alone at a precinct for hours in Johns Creek IN THE RAIN to wave a sign for his candidate, former Fulton County Sheriff Richard Lankford.

All that work to impact 20 voters.

Now, I have to admit … I wondered and assumed he was a Sheriff’s deputy (or a former one) on ‘personal time’, so I stopped my car to ask him the question out of curiosity.

No. My bad. Former Sheriff Lankford is his uncle. Phil doesn’t even work for him.

Kudos to Phil. That kind of dedication to family and politics makes Americans of all political stripes proud.

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