Unexpected GABWA Endorsement

Just when you think you’ve got all the politics of race and gender figured out, something happens to throw your preconceived notions out the window. Who would you expect an organization called the “Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys” to endorse in an election to State Court? In DeKalb County, Georgia? If you said “The black female attorney! Duh!” nobody would blame you. But they didn’t.

No, GABWA sent a release and held a press conference announcing their endorsement of a Hispanic male, Judge Dax Lopez. Judge Lopez is an incumbent being challenged by Dionne McGee, an African-American female attorney who would normally be expected to have received the endorsement of an association of black female attorneys. But according to GABWA’s announcement:

“…GABWA‘s endorsement process is color blind, and they seek to endorse the most qualified person who supports diversity and GABWA’s mission of advocating for women and children.”

Judge Lopez is Georgia’s only Hispanic trial court judge, but hasn’t made a big deal out of that. His opponent, though, has appeared to have run a campaign based on little more than race and ethnicity. I have to admit this endorsement is a very pleasant surprise, and almost makes me hopeful about the DeKalb County’s future.


  1. bird says:

    GABWA is a top-notch organization. Judge Lopez is imminentely capable and honest.

    This is not surprise!

  2. James says:

    Happy to hear about this. Judge Lopez is far, far more qualified than McGee, whose campaign strategy is described perfectly above.

  3. Blog Goliard says:

    What a welcome dose of happy news, of people thoughtfully trying to do the right thing, amidst all the insanity of the closing days of the primary campaign. Thanks for this report.

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