Legislative Race-a-palooza: Doomsday Eve Edition

EXCLUSIVE: I just received word for a credible source that House Democatic Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is doing a robo-call for Republican Regina Quick against incumbent Doug McKillip in HD117. Democrats have gone all in on this race.


Not sure where to vote tomorrow? Visit the MVP page at the Secretary of State’s webpage.

A new election reporting system will debut tomorrow night. All election results will be available at the Secretary of State’s website. That means results for Federal, State, and Local elections will all be reported at the SoS website.

You may want to wrap your heads with duct tape for this one: Apparently an email is circulating warning of the potential fraud this new reporting system creates. As the data is transmitted from your home town to Atlanta it could be intercepted and changed to produce the desired outcome – and we all know what that means. Consider yourselves warned and govern your actions accordingly.

Meanwhile in Realville…

The race for SD21 rolls on. Incumbent Chip Rogers received the endorsement of State School Superintendent John Barge. Rogers is taking flack over his name. Is it Will or Chip? The Cherokee Tribune also has an overview of the race:

Beach says his years in the business arena have helped prepare him.

“I understand private sector job creation. I have seen firsthand the impact of over-regulation; taxation and litigation on businesses of all sizes. I believe,” Beach said on what makes him most qualified.

Rogers says his position as a leader among conservatives make him the best candidate.

“As Senate Majority Leader I have been, and will continue to be, the leading conservative voice in Georgia government,” Rogers said. “I am fully committed to liberty and believe Georgia can be the most prosperous and well-educated state in America if we promote economic, education, and personal freedom.”

In Athens, A GOP Primary in HD117 and a Dem. Primary in HD118 are red hot. In HD117, Democrats are again being urged to cross over and vote for Regina Quick against incumbent Doug McKillip.

One Democratic mailer, aimed directly at female voters, compares McKillip to “a smelly diaper.”

Revenge is the reason. The Athens lawmaker, briefly chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, switched parties shortly after his 2010 election, and became the author of HB 954, the strongest anti-abortion measure to pass the Legislature in years.

Profiles of the two Democrats running for HD153: Incumbent Carol Fullerton and Challenger Muarlean Edwards.

Profiles of the three Republicans running for HD66.

Profiles of the House candidates running in Primary Elections in HD81, HD93, HD94, HD96, HD97, HD103, HD105, HD114, and HD117.

Overview of race for HD139, featuring three Dems.

Robocalls are getting nasty in the Democratic primary for HD41.

MARIETTA — Voters in state House District 41, in south-central Cobb, have received a series of back-and-forth robocalls over one candidate’s history of alleged domestic-violence incidents. In one robocall, the candidate’s wife says she made up all the allegations.

Three Democrats are vying in the primary: sales rep Diana L. Eckles; lawyer Justin O’Dell; and teacher Michael Smith. The primary winner will face Republican Phil Daniell on Nov. 6 to determine who succeeds retiring Democrat Terry Johnson.

A forum last Thursday featured the candidates for HD133 and HD137.

HD133 (GOP Primary): Incumbent Kip Smith vs. Challenger John Pezold:

Smith said the General Assembly should hold back on increasing spending, because the economy has yet to recover from the Great Recession.

“Personally, I think this economy is far from over, and I would hate to see us go out and spend money that we may not necessarily have six months from now,” Smith said. “However, that being said, I think I would look at reinstating some of the cuts we had to make in education.”

Pezold, asked about legislation that would cut income tax rates while increasing the number of people who pay income taxes, said he would support such a bill.

“All of us operate better when there’s an incentive to do better. I think lowering the rates and broadening the base makes more people have skin in the game,” Pezold said. “And if you have people who don’t have skin in the game, there’s no incentive to get out there and get involved.”

HD137 (Dem. Primary): Incumbent Debbie Buckner vs. Challengers Travis Chambers and Ku’Wonna Ingram:

Buckner was asked about legislation that would regulate use of water by Atlanta, particularly the Chattahoochee River.

Buckner said Atlanta relied more heavily on septic tank use, rather than sewers, than other large American cities, which greatly reduces the amount of water it returns to the river.

“I think we are going to have to continue to forge our alliances with other downstream communities all around the state, as we have done for years,” she_ said. “But we’re going to have to push real hard for the Metro Atlanta area to rely less heavily on septic tanks. That is a consumptive use of water.”

Chambers, asked about legislation that would attract industry and jobs, said state government isn’t doing enough to help small businesses.

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Be sure to join us tomorrow for coverage of the results of these and other Primary Elections.


    • Bob Loblaw says:

      We know how badly Atlanta traffic is during the rain. More irony on the way to the polls.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      We know how bad Atlanta traffic is during the rain. More irony on the way to the polls.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          Well that was a waste of money as the anti-TSPLOST voters are going to get to the polls no matter what, fires, floods, wind, rain, sleet or snow.

          The only thing that could stop anti-TSPLOST voters from getting to the polls is the end of the world, in which case the supposed need for a TSPLOST would be totally negated.

  1. CobbGOPer says:

    I know it’s not good news for pro-TSPLOST since the early voting numbers are right now showing about 2/3 of voters in the NO camp… They needed good weather tomorrow to drive out extra votes to make up for that. It’s looking more grim by the hour.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Speaking of grim, the Grim Reaper is on the phone and he wants to know if the T-SPLOST is on for their dinner date tomorrow?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Pro-Rogers glossy giant postcards outnumber Beach’s 5-1.

    Rogers in the Cherokee Trib.
    “The Resolution clearly defines that the tax dollars to support public charter schools will not come at the expense of regular public schools. However, it is important to remember funding is for students, not systems or school buildings.”

    Considering the big differences in per pupil state/fed mandated costs, unless adjusted, this could result in some unintended (?) consequences of fights over heavy property tax increases. A clever way to grind down public schools. Some say that is not so bad.

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