“Walking Small” Primary News

…if elected, I will not serve.General William Tecumseh Sherman

Who knew that Victor Hill, former Sheriff/current Candidate/indicted Felon and The General that burned down most of Clayton County in The War of Northern Aggression had so much in common?

Channel 2/WSBTV
reported a few weeks ago a nugget that merits more attention.

Former Sheriff Victor Hill is under felony indictment for 37 counts including racketeering and theft, stemming from his previous term in office. He was defeated by current Sheriff Kem Kimbrough in 2008.

[…] State law requires an elected sheriff to be certified within six months of taking office.

But Hill’s law enforcement certification has been under emergency suspension, since his indictment.

Georgia’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Council said it does not begin investigating administrative certification cases until the criminal case is finished.

“Timing is going to be everything on this one,” said Georgia P.O.S.T. Council spokesman Ryan Powell.

Read the rest. Clayton County may have dodged another date with calamity thanks to the slow, slow wheels of justice.