Galloway’s Weekend Jolt

It’s no day of rest for political news, with Tuesday being a major election day.  Jim Galloway has posted a Sunday summary of news including:

Fulton County Superior Court Clerk Michael Johnson’s campaign statements are good enough for Brian Kemp to keep him on the ballot, but possibly not good enough to have him avoid prosecution.

A comparison of the number of companies that contributed to the metro Atlanta T-SPLOST PR campaign versus the few that contributed to the statewide campaign.  Atlanta’s where the money is, and where the problem is.

A highlight of Senator Josh McKoon’s Op-Ed from the Columbus Ledger Enquirer.  Senator McKoon and I discussed this one yesterday and we’ll probably put up a separate post on it later.  Can’t get ethics washed away with all the T-SPLOST press, especially since “trust” has become a major issue of the campaign.

He was kind enough to include this post about Maria Sheffield’s endorsement that wasn’t.

And, perhaps burying the lede, there’s news of a third ethics complaint with regard to Senate incumbent’s “independent” expenditure group.  He’s got a great paragraph from the complaint that neatly and succinctly explains why the groups actions violate ethics laws.  It’s a good thing these guys named in the complaints have made sure Georgia’s ethics laws are unenforceable.

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