Rashad Taylor, it ain’t that hard.

Atlanta Unfiltered has a well researched post up regarding the failure of Rashad Taylor, who was drawn into a House district with fellow Democrat Pat Gardner, to file the required campaign finance disclosures.

Seven times since 2008, Taylor has skipped filing disclosures of his personal or campaign finances, failing to report receiving at least $24,000 in political contributions, an analysis of donors’ disclosures shows. He turned in seven other disclosures late by several months or more.

Generally raising money isn’t in and of itself going to be politically damaging, so why not disclose it? Here, it is in part because the 24k came from the House Democratic Caucus*, which is a legally distinct entity from the Democratic Party of Georgia, and thus one that is limited to giving $2400 per election. So if he disclosed, not only would he likely bring an ethics complaint against himself, but one against the caucus, which would sully the reputation of Democrats across the state (yeah, yeah, I kn0w).

Another theory with not filing? He didn’t have an address in the redrawn district to use on the forms. According to Atlanta Progressive News (yeah, yeah, I kn0w), Taylor has lived all over the place (including much of 2011 in Maryland), but rarely in the district. The other problem with residency issues in his case, is that they serve as a hook with which to bring up his non-platonic relationship with former City of Atlanta school board president Khaatim El with whom Rashad was allegedly living. Rashad thinks that’s the entire point, and he ambushed his opponent in a parking lot to tell her so (link below)

Taylor/Gardner Parking Lot Brouhaha

All for a job that pays 17k/year.

* Note that though the House caucus did not necessarily give money directly to the campaign of Taylor, their expenditures were often made on his behalf and thus should be considered in-kind contributions and disclosed as such.


  1. Calypso says:

    Glad to see the asshattery is not confined to one party. Why is this clown allowed to get away with this stuff?

    • Stefan says:

      Well, the party doesn’t check addresses for compliance, and the ethics people don’t have any money, so that leaves the voters. I guess we will know Tuesday around 10 pm.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I’m not glad to see it. It’s a dissappointment that is wrecking the country where-ever it occurs.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    So is the House Democratic Caucus giving the Taylor campaign $24,000? I guess that means the House Dems are taking sides in this primary?

    • Actually, It’s Complicated: Taylor was the one who gave the Democratic Caucus $19,000 in 2010. (Or so the party reported. Taylor never mentioned it on his disclosures.) The caucus then spent at least that much on pro-Taylor and anti-Able Mable Thomas mailers leading up to the 2010 Dem primary — a practice that the state ethics commission later opined was Not Cool, because the caucus has to abide by the same spending limits as everyone else.

      BTW, Rashad filed a disclosure last night for April thru June, bringing the total of undisclosed donations down to about $15,000.

      Another theory:

      He never cashed the $24K. We all have left that much in undeposited checks lying around, right?

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Its complicated and sounds like it needs a good lawyer to investigate from the law department. This reeks.

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