Georgia’s Executions Halted Until At Least November

The Associated Press reports (via WTVM) that there will not be an expedited hearing in the Warren Hill death penalty case which is on hold pending a review of Georgia’s change to a single drug used for prisoner executions.  Georgia had previously used a three drug cocktail, but efforts by the Southern Center For Human Rights and other anti-death penalty groups have made many of these drugs unavailble for purchase or import.

Hill’s case will not be reviewed until November, effectively stopping any executions in the state until that time.  Thus, death row inmates may continue to preview fall fashions with interest.  They’re not going anywhere any time soon.


  1. chamblee54 says:

    1- The stories that you linked to regard sodium thiopental. It has been replaced by pentobarbital. The initial role of these two substances was to sedate the prisoner, so the other two drugs of the procedure could be used. (i.e. the gateway drug) The State has since decided to use a deliberate overdose of pentobarbital as a one shop stop.
    2- This is a good decision. When SCOTUS ruled on chemical execution, they ruled on the three drug protocol, including sodium thiopental. Whether or not the State can change this at will is a matter for the courts to decide. This should provide lots of work for the legal industry.
    3- Most of those death row inmates are not going anywhere anyway. The pace of executions is glacial.
    4- This hemming and hawing about the number of drugs to use in an execution makes me wonder if the State is wise enough to employ the death penalty in a just and proper manner.

  2. Harry says:

    It seems the Sixth Amendment requirement for a speedy trial also would imply swift application of punishment/execution. “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

        • holt1342 says:

          It doesnt work. It is proven that it doesnt work. It absolutely does not work. Most murders are done in “the heat of the moment” with no time to ponder the consequences. It has been around FOREVER and the places it is used the most are also the MOST VIOLENT places on Earth.

          • Harry says:


            I don’t believe you are correct.

            1) Studies not funded by politically correct sources do in fact show a deterrent effect.
            2) China has by far the most capital punishment of anybody, yet I don’t think it is so violent.

            Instead of just posting here with unsupported opinions, why not some details such as links to sources?

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Gotta get this one right. I’m unsure that overdosing a convict without some sedation isn’t unusual. No other state does it, right? Have any studdies been done about the experience of a pentobarbital overdose? If they need sedation, why not just toss ’em a couple valium?

  4. seenbetrdayz says:

    I believe Utah still uses a firing squad. If I recall, it’s only done by request of the convicted.

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