Will the Winner, Chicken Dinner

All a man really has in the end is his name, right?

David Micheals and Atlanta Unfiltered bring us this and this.  Snippets from both articles are below.

“Will The Winner” and “Will Rogers” were just characters, Sen. Chip Rogers has said, created by a client who hired him to perform as a sports handicapper under both names.


Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, while serving as a freshman legislator, regularly oversaw production of promotional mailings that advertised over-the-phone sports handicapping services and an offshore casino, former printers and a onetime associate in the handicapping industry say.


The senator, whose legal name is William Rogers IV, did not respond this week to requests for comment. Previously, he has acknowledged appearing under those names in the 1990s in TV infomercials and other media. But he said he was merely reading a script with someone else’s predictions about sporting events and that his client, OTM Sports, owned the rights to those characters.

Rogers has also denied being the Will Rogers who wrote a 2001 column titled “Bet on Football and Win” for AskMen.com. That Will Rogers, credited as being a sports handicapper, recommended that readers place bets with the offshore Oasis Casino & Sportsbook and said he had referred clients to Oasis since 1996.


The senator has other ties to Oasis Casinos. He was featured on a 2000 episode of “The Sports Insiders,” a cable TV show that featured several ads for Oasis. In addition, two metro Atlanta printing companies say they worked closely with Rogers over a six-year period to produce promotional mailings that featured Oasis advertising.


  1. Calypso says:

    Ok, help me out here Bridget. I’m not a fan of Rogers, but what am I supposed to get indignant at here? Where’s the part that I’m to be pissed-off about? What exactly am I reading about anyway?

    • Bridget says:

      Lol, Calypso. You don’t have to get indignant just because I’m passing along info. This throws up red flags to me, but no – I’m not trying to sink my teeth into anyone. This topic is now… on the radar. Smoke/fire.

      • Calypso says:

        I’m sorry, but I think I need you to draw me a map. What, exactly, is the topic which is now on the radar, the smoking topic to which you refer?

        I’m not trying to act dumb (some here will say I don’t need to act at all) but I just don’t know what is going on. Rogers had a prior time in his life doing voice-overs for commercials?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Where’s the part that I’m to be pissed-off about?”

      HELLO!…The part that you are supposed to get pissed-off about is that this is clearly a vast left-wing conspiracy to smear Senator Rogers’ good conservative name so that his constituents will vote for his opponent and make us all the more vunerable to the weakness of compromise with the dark forces of that evil scourage called Liberalism.

      …At least that’s what I got out of it.

      Vote YES, then vote YES again, then NO for the T-SPLOST!

      Vote to re-elect Senator Chip Rogers to the State Senate in District 21!

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Not necessarily, just getting into the groove of primary campaign season.

            Besides, who could blame anyone for wanting to be totally TSPLOSHED while having to endure all of this endless primary and referendum brainwashing propaganda?

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Being paid to advertise an offshore casino, when using that casino over the internet or telephone constitutes a felony violation of the Wire Act, is getting paid to promote criminal activity. Indignant yet?

        • Bob Loblaw says:

          Bob Loblaw would probably suggest that the statute of limitations may have tolled. I could be wrong, as I lack relevant facts. Bob Loblaw is not in the business of making predictions, just getting my clients justice!

  2. I’ve been friends with Chip for 20 years and purchased his radio station in Cartersville from him in 2005… I also subbed for him on his talk show occasionally from 2000 to 2004. It was common knowledge he was doing voice work and the TV show for the sports guys… but so far all we’ve seen is smoke but no smoking gun. Folks I was there during all that time and I still can’t understand exactly what he did that was wrong???

    • Three Jack says:

      I’m with you on this one Chuck. I’ve known Chip for a number of years and really can’t see what the big deal is on this topic.

  3. sunkawakan says:

    @Bob Loblaw, the statute of limitations is wide open here. What would Chip’s supporters say if he’s re-elected and subsequently indicted?

    • sunkawakan says:


      (a) A person who knowingly prints, publishes, or advertises any lottery or other scheme for commercial gambling, or who knowingly prints or publishes any lottery ticket, policy ticket, or other similar device designed to serve as evidence of participation in a lottery commits the offense of advertising commercial gambling.

      (b) A person who commits the offense of advertising commercial gambling shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature.


      (a) A person who knowingly communicates information as to bets, betting odds, or changes in betting odds or who knowingly installs or maintains equipment for the transmission or receipt of such information with the intent to further gambling commits the offense of communicating gambling information.

      (b) A person who commits the offense of communicating gambling information, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years or by a fine not to exceed $5,000.00, or both.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Excellent research. My focus was on the actual transaction of gambling, over phone or Internet wires, violating the federal Wire Act. I was leaning conspiracy because of the advertising. I wonder also if an indictment was made under the code section you referenced whether or not it would be removed to federal court where these charges could all be heard. I guess you could count on a “watchdog” group to look after pursuing charges, but the Senator signed their pledge, so they’ll probably cut him some slack.

        • sunkawakan says:

          Since Rogers shipped his sportsbooks to Alabama, here’s what Alabama has to say on the matter:

          Section 13A-12-22

          Promoting gambling.

          (a) A person commits the crime of promoting gambling if he knowingly advances or profits from unlawful gambling activity otherwise than as a player.

          (b) Promoting gambling is a Class A misdemeanor.

          Section 13A-12-23

          Conspiracy to promote gambling .

          (a) A person commits the crime of conspiracy to promote gambling if he conspires to advance or profit from gambling activity otherwise than as a player.

          (b) “Conspire” means to engage in activity constituting a criminal conspiracy as defined in Section 13A-4-3.

          (c) Conspiracy to promote gambling is a Class A misdemeanor

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