Should GA-12 Be Given a Bravo TV Show?

I can’t find the author of this article, but someone is not a fan of Larry Peterson.

The primary really didn’t need any help to be interesting. With its cast of characters, their backgrounds, their individual strengths and weaknesses, it had all the makings of a great race.

The farmer. The businessman. The fighter pilot. The woman lawyer.

It was fine — and fair — the way it was.

Enter Larry Peterson.

The article notes that “Peterson is the political writer for the Savannah Morning News. No stranger to reporting on the 12th District, it became quickly and almost embarrassingly apparent that his stories were becoming a part of the campaign itself.”

Please, sweet Jeezus, let someone catch an Anchorman-esque brawl between these two writers on video.  The article gives a pretty concise Bravo TV style summary of the GA-12 race.  Enjoy.



  1. oompaloompa says:

    Rick Allen voted for convicted criminal Champ Walker?????????????? Hoooolllyyyy Crap.

  2. ricstewart says:

    Got an anti-McLeod mailer today from Rick Allen today. The headline reads, “Trial lawyer Wright McLeod just can’t tell the truth.”

    Ummm…. McLeod is a real estate lawyer. Not to split hairs, but is it accurate to call a real estate lawyer a trial attorney? Not that it makes a big difference in my mind. I’ve never understood attorney-bashing.

  3. ricstewart says:

    It’s hard to tell who’s winning in GA-12.
    Anderson has completely saturated the district with signage and has had several robocalls. Seen his TV ad a couple times.
    I’ve only seen a handful of Allen’s signs, and almost all of those are in Augusta. Allen’s sent a lot of mailers and aired a lot of TV ads.
    McCleod’s running TV ads and has sent two or three mailers. I’m seeing more and more of his signs around the district. From what I can see, he seems to have the most grassroots support.
    I’m only just beginning to see 4×4 signs pop up from Maria Sheffield. Haven’t got any mailers or seen any TV ads from her. Seems to have a considerable amount of support from TEA Party folk.

    I don’t know of any polls that have been done. Tuesday’s results will be a matter of whether or not voters have been paying attention.

  4. Calypso says:

    ricstewart: “Tuesday’s results will be a matter of whether or not voters have been paying attention.”

    The collective Georgia electorate: “Huh?”

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