Morning Reads for Thursday, July 26

Goooood Morning!  Guess who remembered to pull some articles together for your reading pleasure?


  •  Kasim Reed slams DeKalb NAACP chief over TSPLOST.  Oh, yes he did: ”I was listening to that funny fellow you had before I was on. I think he ought to say that to me. When I saw him in the hall, all he did was walk up and shake my hand, and ask me how I was doing. If he’s going to get on the radio and make those kinds of false statements, talk that trash to the people of Atlanta, he ought to do it while we’re both sitting here on ‘V’.
  • Chic-fil-A still in spotlight over Gay Rights.  Comically, talk of soft white buns and pickles now make me giggle.  Don’t judge me.
  • Yes!  We’re not last – Georgia ranked 37th in child well-being study.  The bottom 10 states are typically Southern states.  Yankee kids might not have to go outside and find their own hickories, but I personally think it’s questionable as to whether or not that makes them better or happier.  There’s something endearing about having to find the weapon you’re going to be beat with because you have a smart mouth.  Oh?  I was the only one with a smart mouth?
  • Hartsfield-Jackson opens runway extension.
  • EPA considers changes that will effect plant in Middle Georgia.
  • Deals names two to Georgia Court of Appeals.
  • The juice will getcha – Dekalb Commissioner apologizes for drunken tirade.  Ehh, it happens.
  • Expect another key endorsement for a Congressional candidate today.


  • Herman Cain tweeted that he was going to be on the Daily Show.  I went to bed, but if anything entertaining happened, please post the vid in the comment section.
  • Biden carries message to the base.  Oh c’mon – this is pretty funny.
  • Romney adviser refers to Russia as Soviet Union.
  • 100 Million Poor People in the US.  Some of the facts listed in here were a little surprising.
  • Jeb wants Rubio for VP.
  • Over/Under on when to expect Movie Laws to match the Gun Laws?  We’re facing heart-wrenching loss as a nation, but movies don’t go on shooting sprees.

Other Items of Interest

  • You might’ve heard of a lil track meet called The Olympics.  It’s in London this year, dahlings.
  • American Baby Names are getting worse.
  • As the resident Peach Pundit cat lady, this is pretty gross. 113 dead kittens found in hoarders home.
  • I wanted to read the whole article, but couldn’t get past the whine.  A plane gets stuck in asphalt in 100 deg temps?  Visit Georgia – it’s nice this time of year.
  • Paula Deen is world’s fourth highest paid chef.
  • It’s almost DragonCon time!  I met Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Carter from Eureka) last year – just having a beer in the lounge.  Adam Baldwin is a pretty funny (and very conservative) dude.  His tweets are usually pretty entertaining.
  • Young Vols are delinquents.


  1. mountainpass says:

    Bridget whatever you do don’t bring back a dead pine limb. Mom didn’t think that was too funny.

  2. Rambler1414 says:

    A day or 2 ago, I heard Mayor Reed was also going to be on Q100’s Morning Show at some point to talk TSPLOST.

  3. Baker says:

    That Kasim Reed story is hilarious: DeKalb NAACP Chair, former DeKalb commish, claims they are on “the take”.

    From the piece:
    “John Evans using the term ‘bought off’ is laughable,” Reed responded, “He would know a good bit about that.”

    11 Alive twice asked Mayor Reed if that was a veiled reference to John Evans’ federal bribery conviction when he was a DeKalb County Commissioner in the 1980’s.”

    • bgsmallz says:

      I know I’m probably a RINO or a lefty or something…but how can you not at least respect Mayor Reed after that? Leaders are willing to put the interests of the community over factions. To hear the mayor of Atlanta bring down the thunder on the head of the DeKalb county NAACP is a revelation.

      • John Vestal says:

        True story…. before I was born my Mom was discussing baby names with her canasta group gals from St Matthews in the ‘Boro and said she was going to name a boy baby ‘John’.

        One of the other ladies exclaimed to her, “Oh, don’t name him ‘John’! Every Tom, Dick and Harry’s named ‘John’!’ ” :>)

        (which was pretty close….the Prez, Pope, our parish priest and our family Dr who delivered me were all ‘John’)

  4. SallyForth says:

    Good job today, Bridge! Your comments crack me up.
    Now, can you do anything about our lingering P/P editing tools hostage situation?

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