Gingrich Backs Zoller Over Collins

From a press release:

Gainesville, GA) – Former Republican Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich announced today his endorsement of conservative firebrand Martha Zoller for Congress in Georgia’s ‘new’ 9th Congressional District.

“For years, Martha Zoller has been a clear, clarion voice for the conservative movement here in Georgia and around the United States,” said Gingrich.  “In Congress, Martha will lead the force that fundamentally changes ‘business as usual’ in Washington and will work tirelessly to implement conservative solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems.

“As outlined in the M.A.P. for Prosperity, Martha will fight for Accountability, Bold Reform, and Citizen Engagement.  In Congress, Martha will hold our elected officials accountable, work to slash government spending, and fight to balance the budget, repeal ObamaCare, and return government to the people.

“Martha is a good friend and I trust her conservative values. I wholeheartedly endorse Martha Zoller for Congress because Washington needs unapologetic conservatives like Martha to put this country back on the right track and ensure prosperity for generations to come.”

Speaker Gingrich is a long-time friend of Martha Zoller and was a frequent guest on Zoller’s radio show.

“I am humbled to have earned the strong endorsement and backing of Speaker Gingrich in the final days of my campaign for Congress,” said Zoller.  “Newt is a common-sense conservative that has experience in slashing federal spending and balancing budgets.  In Washington, I will take what I’ve learned from Speaker Gingrich over the past 16 years to stop the fiscal insanity in Congress, revive the U.S. economy, and promote American exceptionalism.”

Argue that this is another “media personality” endorsing Zoller if you like. Gingrich did just carry the state in the Presidential Preference Primary.  And he was very close and loyal to Governor Deal during that time.  He’s clearly “establishment” when it comes to Georgia politics.


  1. girlwithpearls says:

    With all of these big name endorsements, it really seems like Martha is the real insider of this race. Mr. Collins endorsements are centered within the district and that means a lot more to me than big names who probably haven’t even followed the race or have to deal with the repercussions of electing the wrong person into office.

    • you says:

      “within the district ” ? Now that’s funny. Do you think the GA General Assembly is in the district?

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      I see that you seem to be under the mistaken belief that those two are running in an actual election and not a popularity contest.

    • Calypso says:

      I know you’d have prefered a candidate that had the backing of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky, though posthumously, but alas.

      • AMB says:

        Now that’s just silly, as you well know. I would prefer candidates and backers who aren’t shameless media wh*res, neer do wells, panderers, and liars.

      • you says:

        mocamarc – my guess is you are from the Collins staff and you just made up a new account to post insults. Nice try. I live in the 9th and I support Martha. She is a great woman. Not a puppet.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed conservative firebrand Martha Zoller for Congress today in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District.”

    “conservative firebrand” is clearly a Zoller campaign buzz phrase.

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