Legislative Race-a-palooza Part 4

It’s less than a week until the July 31st General Primary. Various groups have put out voter guides for your consideration. Here are a few of them:

Georgia Family Council Voter Guide
AJC/League of Women Voters Guide
Eagle Forum Voter Guide
Urban Independent Progressive Voter Guide

Find your polling place, what districts you are in and get sample ballots.

Jim Walls at Atlanta Unfiltered did some digging and found at least $24,000 in donations that Rep. Rashad Taylor has not reported for this election cycle. Taylor has not filed a number of reports over the past couple of years. Not that anybody cares of course.

A few weeks ago I bumped into Rep. Keith Heard who finds himself with a Democratic primary challenge from Spencer Frye. Heard told me he’s been accused of being a Republican. Sure enough left wing blog Georgia Progress accuses Heard of joining with evil Republicans to suppress the vote by supporting the voter ID bill a few years ago. As the saying goes, voting with Republicans on a bill doesn’t make you a Republican anymore than being in a garage makes you a car.

On the other side of town the Athens Banner Herald says replacing Doug McKillip with Regina Quick won’t mean much because they’re both right-wingers. Apparently there was also a push poll in this race:

The pre-recorded message begins with a deceptive introduction from “Elaine from Watkinsville Republicans” before polling respondents on their preference in the primary contest between McKillip and Regina Quick.

Those who indicate support for Quick, an Athens attorney, are merely reminded to vote in the July 31 primary, while those who select McKillip are treated to a torrent of negativity on the Democrat-turned-Republican lawmaker.

“We condemn the use of this ‘push poll’ tactic, particularly when it is falsely made out as if it’s coming from the Oconee County Republican Party,” Hanley said in a statement.

Maggie Lee writes about HD142:

ATLANTA — Former Macon City Councilman Gerald Harvey is challenging incumbent state Rep. Nikki Randall in the Democratic primary race to represent District 142, which includes parts of Macon and Bibb County.

They agree that economic development is the biggest issue in the district, but they very much disagree on how constructive relations are between the folks at home and the local leadership in Atlanta.

Meanwhile in SD21 both incumbent Rogers and challenger Beach cheered the coming end of tolls on 400.
Brian Laurens says someone spoofed his cell phone number and robocalled the district. The call claimed Rogers supported TSPLOST. Laurens accused Beach of being behind the calls but Beach denied having anything to do with it.

Diane Wagner in the Rome News-Tribune has an overview of the race for SD52.

SoS Kemp had some good news for Ronnie Mabra in HD63 (received via press release):

Linda Pritchett v. Ronald E. “Ronnie” Mabra Jr.
Secretary Kemp rejected the Administrative Law Judge’s Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and held that Ronnie Mabra meets the residency requirements to be a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives in District 63.

Finally, Jim Galloway takes a look at a video created by Rep. Mark Hatfield who is running in a 3 way GOP Primary for SD7.

Hatfield had raised $40,901 for the GOP contest as of June 30, compared to $107,475 raised by 26-year-old Tyler Harper. So Hatfield has tried to even things up with a highly detailed YouTube clip – the state lawmaker serves as his own narrator — that does many things:

First, the video ties Harper to a Bloomberg report, published last February, on white businesses that tapped more than $1 billion in preferential federal contracts by creating minority fronts. Among the individuals cited were “two Ocilla, Ga., modular-building sales companies that had different minority owners with the same white managers:”

The next six days are going to be fun.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Didn’t GRTL say they were “targeting” legislators that did not vote with them? How’s that working out?

  2. GAPolitico says:

    I’m much more concerned about Keith Heard lying about tax liens he has had. He said that he had never had any – in fact, he denied it three times on the radio. Turns out, he has had almost 40. We have all the documents:


    Maybe it is just a left wing conspiracy, but between lying about tax liens and constantly filing his disclosures late, I have to wonder about him.

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