Zoller Gets Sarah Palin’s Endorsement; Collins Responds

I’ll have a bit more to say about this race tomorrow.  For now, the “news” via press release:

(Gainesville, GA) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed conservative firebrand Martha Zoller for Congress today in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District.

“If you agree that it’s time our elected officials stopped talking at us and started listening to us, then I hope you will join me in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress from Georgia’s 9th Congressional District,” said Gov. Palin via e-mail.  “Martha has been fighting for conservative causes for years as an award winning radio show host where she has been a voice for the Tea Party movement.

“Martha is running against the establishment, which, as we know, is an uphill battle; but with all of our support she can win. In Congress, she’ll vote to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obamacare. In addition to being pro-life and a firm defender of our Constitution, including our Second Amendment rights, Martha is a strong fiscal conservative. Her “MAP for Prosperity” plan calls for increased accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement – three things we need more of in Washington.

“I hope you’ll join me and other conservatives like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress!”

A strong supporter of the Governor’s efforts to restore conservative values and principles in America, Martha Zoller personally requested Gov. Sarah Palin’s endorsement earlier this year.

“I am thrilled to have the strong support of Gov. Palin in my efforts to represent Georgia’s 9th Congressional District in Congress and restore fiscal sanity in Washington,” said Zoller.  “Together, we will fight to put this country back on the right track and ensure prosperity and opportunity for many generations to come.”

Update: Doug Collins’ Campaign sent us the following response:

“While we admire and respect Governor Palin, Martha’s liberal talk threatens our conservative values. But don’t take my word for it, go to www.seemarthasayit.com and you can see and listen to her yourself. Whether it’s her pro-abortion, pro-civil unions or other liberal views, Martha Zoller would be wrong in Congress. Better to have a true Georgia conservative like Doug Collins. The endorsements he’s received from Governor Zell Miller,  Speaker Ralston and the NRA, along with the faith shown in him by Governor Deal show he shares the values of people who know and love North Georgia the most.”

They’ve set up tomorrow’s column quite nicely, I might add.


  1. Calypso says:

    “Whether it’s her pro-abortion, pro-civil unions or other liberal views, Martha Zoller would be wrong in Congress.”

    As far as I’m concerned, Collins is giving Zoller a ringing endorsement.

  2. ricstewart says:

    I took a look at the SeeMarthaSayIt.com, and it Martha Zoller seem more reasonable than I had previously thought. I don’t agree with all of her statements, but the anti-Martha site actually endeared me to her. For the record, I’m a GOP primary voter (but not in CD-9).

    • seekingtounderstand says:

      Handel lost because Deal pandered to anti illegal immigration vote. Which he has lied about and done nothing. Go to Gainesville GA, the illegal population is thriving more than they ever have. Deal lied on this issue to get elected.

    • bullFrog says:

      Chambliss would have lost his runoff if she hadn’t made an appearance for him. Win some, lose some.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Marthas staff have cost her votes. Hope she doesn’t take them with her to congress.
    Wake up Martha before real damage is done.

  4. seekingtounderstand says:

    Martha as a future congressional rep. you need to be aware of how your staff represents you.

  5. bullFrog says:

    Following the Palin announcement last night, Collins blew off an appearance at a televised debate at etctv3.com out of Ellijay – one to which he had agreed some time back (May?)

    Maybe he had some more audio and video editing to do at a strategery session.

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