Former Speaker Richardson Back To Legislature?

Governor Nathan Deal is about to pick a judge for the Coweta Judicial Circuit Superior Court.  On the list of names provided to him from the Judicial Nominating Commission is State Senator Bill Hamrick.  If Hamrick is picked – considered very likely but not a done deal – then the State Republican Party would provide a replacement name on the GOP ballot, depending on the timing of the announcement.

The party is actively preparing for such a replacement, with Executive Committee members primarily discussing three names.  State Reps Bill Hembree and Kevin Cooke, and former House Speaker Glenn Richardson are being actively discussed.

Richarson through a friend relayed he is aware of the potential opening and is aware his name has been discussed.  He says there are many more steps before the selection process would even begin, and isn’t sure at this point it is something he would be offered or would pursue.

Richardson left power under a cloud of scandal that enveloped both his personal and public life.  His own personal mental health became public news even before he left office.

Now, out of the limelight, Speaker Richardson has been able to rebuild a professional career and rehabilitate himself back to health. He has made some forays near politics, most recently serving as the Chairman of the 14th District GOP Convention.

Richardson seems to have weathered his personal storm.  I am glad that he has done so.

Knowing that “everything’s going to be OK” does not mean everything is going to be the same, however.  Returning to the legislature, when ethics problems are still modus operandi, would likely not be good for either Richardson nor the Senate.

Doing so via appointment of the Republican party would also remove any pretense that the party stands for strong ethical standards.  Critics could, and will, use this against the party at ever opportunity.  It would be an action that lacks sufficient defense.

I remain glad that Speaker Richardson has found peace and stability in his personal life.  I would urge that he not consider a return to the place that preyed upon his inner demons.


  1. Andre says:

    The Georgia General Assembly is like a drug.

    It is addictive, and even though one knows that staying down there too long is detrimental to their health, they still go.

    I too would encourage Speaker Richardson to stay away from the Gold Dome. Having observed Richardson as Speaker, I would say that the legislature brought out the worst in him.

  2. Matt Stout says:

    There is one previous Legislator in that area who ain’t got a chance at this state senate seat.

    Clue: Majority Leader Jerry Keen contributed $500 to the opposition of this 2010 caucus member as a penalty for speaking out of turn when Appropriations Chair Harbin proposed increase in appropriations by $3 Billion from FY 2010 to FY 2011 (during the recession).

    Got a reputation for voting against the House version of T-SPLOST statewide referendum bill… As well as voting no on the budget for FY 2011.

    Any guesses on who will definitely not be chosen to fill Hamricks seat?

  3. Romegaguy says:

    GOPeach has a better chance of returning to Peach Pundit as a front page poster than Glenn has of being appointed to the Legislature.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    Any update on the disposition of the $220,000 Richardson took with him when he left office? It’s the type of money that can purchase some political rehabilitation.

  5. Matt Stout says:

    I love Glenn and I wish him the very best, but it would be neat to see him as a state senator represented in Washington by Pauldings new US Congressman.

  6. The Comma Guy says:

    With Hamrick winning re-election, I wonder if there are any more legs to this story and what, if any, process will be used to fill his seat.

    • Charlie says:

      Hamrick won the nomination. The election is in November. There is a window of time where the Republican Party can replace their nominee prior to the election if he were to withdraw to become a judge.

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