Stay Of Execution Issued For Warren Hill

Just a few hours short of his scheduled execution, Warren Hill has received a reprieve from the Georgia State Supreme Court while they review the State’s change to a one drug protocol.  The AJC’s Bill Rankin reports:

The court said it would decide whether the Department of Corrections’ recent decision to switch its lethal-injection process from three drugs to one violates the state Administrative Procedure Act.

Earlier Monday, a Fulton County judge had expressed frustration the state Supreme Court had yet to decide the issue on the merits. In a ruling from the bench, Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall encouraged the court to issue a substantive ruling on the issue.

The state has contended the change in the lethal-injection procedure was not subject to the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires a 30-day public comment period before a change in procedure is allowed.

This will likely create a delay of a few days, perhaps more if there must be a comment period over the change.  I stand by my earlier position that Hill shouldn’t be executed in this case.


  1. Noway says:

    Just because this murderer had an IQ of 70 doesn’t mean he should be spared. The IQ question is a bogus issue in this case anyway. It’s not like there is a question as to who really committed the crimes in this case. Enough admin delaying tactics. Execute the trash.

  2. gcp says:

    This guy murdered someone and was sentenced to prison. In prison, he murders again. He will always be a threat to other inmates, staff and if he escapes he will be a threat to everyone. Carry out the death sentence now.

  3. chamblee54 says:

    1-When the SCOTUS ruled that “Lethal Injection” was constitutional, they were ruling on a three drug cocktail. Is it permissable for the states to decide that one drug is good enough?
    2- Why was this change announced on the day before a scheduled exucution?
    3- If we are going to be a society of laws, then the authorities must obey the laws as well.
    4- Is anyone else troubled by the spectacle of the Department of Corrections killing a prisoner with a deliberate overdose of a barbituate?
    5- The manufactorer of phenobarbital is opposed to the use of their product for executions. Where does the GDC get their supply? Is this a legitimate source? If an ordinary person gets a substance like pentobarbital from a less than reputable source, then this ordinary person is in severe trouble. See point 3.
    6- The conduct of the State of Georgia in this case is an indication that they are not capable of administering the death penalty in a fair and just manner.
    7- The motto of the state is wisdom, justice, and moderation. Killing a prisoner with a deliberate drug overdose is neither wise, just, nor moderate. Especially not moderate.

    • Harry says:

      It seems that use of the sedative phenobarbital alone would be the most humane solution. It just puts the subject to sleep in about 20 or 30 minutes. I believe it’s what animal shelters use mostly. There is no pain. There can indeed be pain involved with utilizing the 3 drug method.

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