Morning Reads For Monday July 23rd

Advanced Voting begins across Georgia. Click here to find information about your county.

Local Reads
– Survey Says? TSPLOST has a chance in 4 regions.
– TSPLOST opponents and proponents campaigned in Cobb.
– AJC Editors on lessons learned in Dallas on transportation.
– Folks seem to like Saturday voting.
– 56 candidates for the Legislature owe back taxes ranging from $40 to the hundreds of thousands.
– Will bath salts causing a Zombie Apocalypse in Georgia?

National Reads
– Three men died saving their girlfriends lives in the Aurora Theatre shootings.
– The President met with victims in Aurora.
– Police clashed with an angry mob in Anaheim.
– In the wake of a suicide bombing on a bus in Bulgaria carrying Israelis, Israel fears an attack at the Olympics.
– Nathan Lane is the latest Hollywood celebrity to host a fundraiser for President Obama.
– Latest RCP average: Obama 46, Romney 44.8

Other Stuff
Joe Paterno’s statue was removed and the NCAA plans “corrective and punitive measures” against Penn State.
– Vincent Hancock looks to repeat as Olympic Champion.
– Several former and current Olympians have ties to Augusta.
– The Braves fell to the Nats 9-2 and split the 4 game weekend series.
– The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees beat the Gwinnett Braves 4-3.


  1. Baker says:

    Whew (wipes forehead), the outcome of the Scranton/ Gwinnett game really had me wondering.;)

    Seriously though, do Gwinnettians follow the W-L record of the G-Braves?

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Just not the draw that they thought it would be…why go see minor leagues when you can drive 25 miles (if you leave an hour and a half early–vote yes on T-SPLOST) and see the Show? Saves the Braves’ organization money, though.

  2. Max Power says:

    I know things move a little slower in Valdosta but haven’t they heard that the face chewer didn’t have any bath salts in his system just a little pot? War on drugs = stupidity.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    RE: Paterno Statue

    If you didn’t think Penn St. had a heads-up on the vacation of the wins from 98-2011, think again. That statue was erected when he became the winningest head coach in NCAA history. He is no longer the winningest coach. No need for the statue.

    • Noway says:

      The sanctions are a joke. A minimum 10 year death penalty should have been issued. SMU gets the death penalty for having a slush fund for paying the athletes? Penn State harbored a pedophile and gets this? Outrageous! To some of the legal eagles on this site: Are there any criminal penalties for hiding suspicions of or tolerating a guy like Sandusky in the workplace?

  4. ricstewart says:

    After reading the article about legislative candidates who owe back taxes, I found this anti-Paulette Braddock website. I haven’t taken the time to research any of the claims made by the website and I don’t know enough about Rep. Braddock to have an opinion about her. The only reason I post it is because I think her 2003 mugshot would be a fantastic album cover for an indie rock band.

    • That looks like a cut-n-paste from a website her Democratic opponent put up in 2010. We all have crap in out past, some more than others to be sure, but I would have thought Paulette’s opponents would have come up with something new. Voters have seen this already.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Delinquent taxes, judgements, govt orginated litigation – to allow any elected official in GA to run or serve or vote on matters of the public with these issues is an indication of just have low we have gone.

    The excuses of tough times and we have a payment plan is unacceptable.
    My neighborhood will not even allow pool use until assessments are paid in full.

    This is an easy fix, what is the problem ?

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