Jim Galloway Has A Conversation With Former Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller

Former Georgia Governor and United States Senator Zell Miller, and one of the favorite Democrats among Republicans across Georgia, had a conversation with Jim Galloway at Lake Lanier.  He’s been out of the political lime light since he retired from politics in 2005, but has granted endorsements to a few candidates…among them being Newt Gingrich, for president, and Doug Collins, for U.S. Representative from Georgia’s 9th District.

He’s had a couple of health incidents since his retirement:

“About three years ago, I got shingles. I broke out from my toes – big blisters all the way up to my hip. And it left me somewhat disabled, and I had two big falls. I fell down a flight of 13 stairs, all the way down them. Broke five ribs, two of them very badly, collapsed a lung, and pushed my heart over to the middle of my body more,” the former governor said.

“That really crippled me up. And then about two months later, I fell again and broke my back. And so I have really been stove up, as we say in the mountains.”

Until now, he has kept his constant pain a private matter. He’s had a small electronic device implanted in his back. “When the pain gets so bad I just can’t stand it, I’ve got a little remote – like a TV remote. I can mash that, and it kind of blurs the pain some,” he said.

Governor Miller had positive things to say about Governor Deal’s performance and keeps tabs on what’s happening under the Gold Dome more than what’s going on under the Dome in Washington, D.C.  He’s also keeping up with the technological times by receiving the AJC on his Kindle.

It’s good to hear from the former Governor.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    It shocks me that he fell down a flight of stairs and damn near died, fell again and broke his BACK, and this is the first we’ve heard of it. His family is REALLY private…

  2. SallyForth says:

    It’s sad the problems this great statesman is having. Throughout his years as Lt. Governor and Governor, Zell was instrumental in huge strides forward for so many areas of Georgia’s development. I still have my “Lottery? Zell Yes!” t-shirt from the gubernatorial campaign, was glad to be one of his supporters in creating the HOPE scholarship. He deserves our respect and appreciation for this and so many other things – here’s hoping he keeps getting better.

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