Bibb County Voters Have Something Extra On July 31st

Bibb County voters will also be determining on whether or not they want to merge the county with the city of Macon making it Georgia’s newest consolidated government.  Attempts to merge Bibb County into a metro form of government were tried in 1960, 1972, and 1976 and all failed.  Athens-Clarke County mergers also were attempted three times before finally being successful on the fourth attempt, so that may be the ticket for Macon-Bibb County.

The Macon Telegraph has a question and answer article concerning the consolidation.  Feel free to browse it and post comments here about things pro/con consolidation.

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  1. irishfarmer says:

    Bibb County take it from someone who knows like myself a person from Augusta/Richmond County. Dont do it! Dont Consolidate! Alot of us wish we never had here in Augusta. I cant speak for Athens/Clarke. Take this for what it is worth since I can only speak for myself and my hometown.

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