This Week in Animal Cruelty

I purposely missed the Fox5 I-Team story by Randy Travis about a North Georgia No-Kill Animal Shelter – but apparently it was very good. The Boggs Mountain “Humane” Shelter would solicit donations for its “Lucky Dog” program, which was supposed to provide shots and spaying to allow easier adoption of these Lucky animals, and then would euthanize them anyway. The lovely mixture of fraud and cruelty brought the GBI in to investigate and now the director of the shelter has been removed (Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby is her name, btw).

In other bad news for the four-legged, Steve King (R-IA) thinks its a bad idea that there are any state animal cruelty laws at all (at least ones that affect pork and veal production). Speaking to the Daily Caller, he said:

[King] brags that his legislation “wipes out everything they’ve [animal rights advocates] done with pork and veal.”

What he means by the way, is having cages large enough for the animal to stand. Really.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    The dictates of the free market are superior to government regulation. It’s one of the pilllars of modern conservatism.

  2. xdog says:

    Dave Bearse is right. The modern right tells us that the opposite of unbridled capitalism is tyranny.

  3. saltycracker says:

    So two choices, black or white ?
    Y’all are either land developers or work for Goldman-Sachs in the those who have the gold, make the rules world.

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