Kudzu Vine Tonight

I’ll be joining the notorious Democrats of the Kudzu Vine tonight at 7pm. They, of course, would be David McLaughlin, Tim Shiftlett, and Catherin Smith.  The Kudzu Vine is a blogtalk radio program that airs every Sunday night at that time. They cover much of the Southern region, but all are Georgia based.

Tonight’s topics will start out talking T-SPLOST, GOP Congressional primaries, and we’ll touch on a few of the races in the Georgia General Assembly. The show runs an hour so we never really know where the conversation will lead.

You can find the program here (Stitcher) or here (BlogTalk Radio).

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  1. saltycracker says:

    Maybe you can get Republicans and Democrats to agree on this one:

    There should be a law that does not allow a legislator to serve or vote with a delinquent, litigated or unpaid tax or outstanding past due government obligation. If serving suspend them. A promise to pay means it is not yet paid.

    Excuses of these are tough times, bankruptcy, appeals, unfair, understaffed to comply……are BS for persons voting on tax matters.

    AJC article beow:

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