Morning Reads for Friday, July 20, 2012

– What were you doing this day in 1996?
– Everybody knows a leaky faucet costs money.
Quick round-up on a few Metro Atlanta Congressional races.
– At least the lines may be shorter.

– Canadians are richer than Americans now? Ay, say it ain’t so.
The Nose’s reign may soon be over.
– Senator Johnny Isakson gave the President what for on the Senate floor Wednesday.
– More Food Stamp happiness and sunshine.
– Missing half a mil? Hey, that’s almost real money.
– NO, the Postal Service in NOT shutting down in less than two weeks.

Random Everywhere:
– Turning comic books into real art.
– You can wish Dear Leader a Happy Birthday, but like everything else with him, it will cost ya.


    • Calypso says:

      You against gambling period, or do you just want the state to decide who amongst the populace should and shouldn’t gamble?

      • Baker says:

        I’m pretty much against gambling in Georgia period, but I think state-sponsored gambling gives it an air of innocence that makes it even worse/ deceitful.

      • Baker says:

        + the HOPE situation is unsustainable as currently constructed. Something has to be done to put downward pressure of tuition prices, whether that’s an income cap, or whatever, scratching and clawing for more Lotto revenues is not the answer.

        • Bob Loblaw says:

          @ Baker:

          I agree with you that the Regents and tuition are a bad mix for student’s financial position. However, the way the governance structure is created for them, there won’t be any change. There just won’t.

          If HOPE is to be sustained, new revenues are needed or further cuts must be endured.

          Destination resort gaming in GA! Do it right the first time. No lame-o video lottery that’s stuck in Norcross with restrictions on competition.

        • CobbGOPer says:

          Well, that’s what happens when you artificially pump government money into an enterprise. Suddenly it gets infinitely more expensive to operate.

          • Bob Loblaw says:

            Agreed, but the G.A. kept expanding benefits in the early years of HOPE. Those expansions drifted from the core mission, imo, and now requires more revenue. Or, we can cut, which is just so popular to do among families with children. The enterprise expanded beyond its means. Interesting angle.

            • Baker says:

              Jason Carter floated an income cap at $140,000 and some conservatives freaked out.

              It was supposed to be a program to help those who couldn’t afford it get to college, it became a program for anyone with a B+ average.

  1. John Konop says:

    I do business in Canada. 3 big factors help them. 1 in Canada they send 50% less than we do on healthcare and the employer is not on the hook for the cost ie more business friendly and more consumer spending ie jobs, jobs…… 2 they are an energy rich country ie jobs, jobs………..They have a very strong infrastructure ie business friendly jobs, jobs……..

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