Final Results of T-SPLOST, Personhood Amendment, Ethics Text Poll

The Atlanta TEA Party and Peach Pundit teamed up with PolitiKlout to have a three question text poll regarding items on the July 31st GOP primary ballot, as well as T-SPLOST. The final cumulative results are:

Do you support the $.01 TSPLOST tax increase?

1) Yes 41% 2) No 57% 3) Undecided 2%

Do you support the $100 cap on lobbyist gifts to legislators?

1) Yes 75% 2) No 19% 3) Undecided 6%

Would you support a Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution?

1) Yes 45% 2) No 39% 3) Undecided 16%

Previously the Atlanta TEA Party and Peach Pundit asked about the Gift Cap and TSPLOST. The results were:

TSPLOST (results reported 5/14/12)
Yes – 46.36%
No – 51.40%
Und – 2.24%

Gift Cap (results reported 6/21/12)
Yes – 78.79%
No – 15.15%
Und – 6.06%

Please don’t ask me for the total votes cast because I don’t know.


    • SallyForth says:

      Disturbing, indeed – not only for the women and girls involved, but also the poor children ultimately created from the fertilized egg, and our society as a whole. Every day, whether at a grocery store, in a restaurant, mall, paring lot, etc., we all see at least one idiot who has NO business being a parent, treats their kid so lousy that you want to strangle the “parent.”

      Why don’t the vagina police do something actually helpful? Create training for being a parent – including long-term costs for a kid (last statistics I saw, about $350,000 each to adulthood) and how they’re going to achieve that; proper basic infant and child health care; preparation and age appropriateness of food/beverages; etc. of simple stuff for keeping a child safe and healthy. Require they be able to pass the competency test. Instead of forcing humans to serve as unwilling incubators and creating little kids you don’t care a thing about, focus on the welfare of a real living breathing child!

      Example: I saw a young couple this afternoon vacationing with a newborn so brand new that it’s tiny legs were still drawn up to its body like a frog. These idiots had that neonate out in the blazing sun, 90+ degrees, sitting on the edge of a swimming pool taking pictures and walking around laughing, totally unconcerned – while that newborn’s face, noodle legs and arms’ fragile skin was frying and its fragile retinas being destroyed. That poor kid has a bleak future and with more days like this one, will need a seeing eye dog because of incompetent adults.

      How’s about this: Parenthood: Idiots need not apply. Pass a law requiring every female who shows up at a doctor or clinic office with a “+” on the stick be given a basic skills and knowledge test verifying they are qualified to be a parent, in order to be allowed to gestate. Stupid people who cannot pass the test do not get to be parents. period. the end. The doctor is required to flush out the egg post haste, no pitiful neonate gets formed.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        I’m actually not that surprised that the Personhood amendment would have legs here in Georgia, especially in advance of a GOP Primary that is dominated by what is known to be some of the most conservative suburban and exurban enclaves in the entire nation (Cobb County is commonly referred to as “The Center of the Republican Universe”…Do you remember the late U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald who was killed when his plane was shot down by the Soviets over the Sea of Japan in 1983, who while being a Democrat was so super-hardcore ultraconservative that he puts to total shame most of these self-styled conservatives today? And I am sure that you are familiar with the late Georgia State Representative Bobby Franklin, another harder-than-hardcore ultraconservative that makes most other conservatives look like flaming liberals, that’s no knock on most conservatives and no offense meant to liberals as that was just how hardcore ultraconservative he was).

        Anyways, if the Personhood Amendment gets support in the GOP Primary, which is somewhat likely, the State Legislature will likely put it on the ballot so that they can get some political mileage out of it so as to demonstrate to a key constituency in the Right-to-Life movement that it is serious about restricting abortion (especially Georgia Right-to-Life which had been increasingly unhappy about the Legislature’s seeming recent lack of enthusiasm on passing anti-abortion legislation before passing the 20-week abortion restrictions into law this past legislative session), but the Personhood Amendment would likely be voted down in the General Election as it is not as if it would not be in the news all the time.

        • SallyForth says:

          Let’s hope you are right, LDIG, that it would be voted down in the General Election. Things have been so crazy in our state lately, I’m not so sure.

          I wish people wouldn’t let these extremists high-jack terms like “conservative” when their goals for big government control over people’s bodily functions is nowhere near conservative political philosophy. Likewise, don’t let them high-jack the label “Right to Life” when they are fighting to destroy every American female’s right to life!
          They are anti-abortion people who have ultra-liberal views on how government should be expanded to help them intrude into female genitalia.

    • Calypso says:

      Just wait ’til the convention. Paulistas are gonna pull it off. Also, I’ve found that the generic stuff is cheaper and just as effective as Reynold’s Wrap.

      • Romegaguy says:

        I still wish I knew how many people voted and did they have to show a government issued id to vote?

  1. Jackster says:

    Is this poll sanctioned by Kasim Reed’s comparitive poling methodology? His speech was rediculous, I was just curious if this was more of what he labeled as “not a TV worth poll”.

  2. I Miss the 90s says:

    Personbood. What a laugh! Coming from the same mouths as those who support capital punishment. Hypocrisy!

  3. DavidTC says:

    Ah, personhood amendments. So much fun. Of course, with Roe v. Wade, no one can do anything about abortion, but there are all sorts of fun crazy legal situations that idea gets us into.

    I personally hope someone who’s 17 and four months old sues for the right to vote. (The states are not allowed to stop a person who is over 18…and now, under state law, they’ve been a person for more than 18 years.)

    I hope the courts force the police to start investigating miscarriages. (Even if it is legal to kill such a ‘person’, that doesn’t change the fact that we need to know cause of death.)

    I hope some pregnant woman in lockup files habaes corpus on behalf of her embryo, demanding they show what grounds they are imprisoning it, or release it. (And her)

    I mean, forget about conservatives supposedly being ‘small government’. Let’s just forget that for a second…aren’t they also supposed to be _conservative_? As in, not willing to randomly create a law redefining _the most often used and important word_ in the law, the word ‘person’?

    A change that everyone knows can’t do what they want, but will have an impossible level of unforeseen consequences? It is, literally, one of the largest changes imaginable to the law, redefining a word that is referenced in _almost every law_.

    But throwing the legal system into chaos is well worth it to make a political point!

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