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    • CobbGOPer says:

      You mean a brilliantly crafted piece by an employee of the main organization trying to pass the TSPLOST?

      Because if Debbie posts something from someone that works for TrafficTruth, your first comment will be “Yeah but he works for TrafficTruth, so consider the source.”

      It goes both ways.

      • Baker says:

        While I do agree with the opinion of the author of that piece, I think ya’ll are missing the point in my posting it.

          • Three Jack says:

            “He ignores that the average number of vehicle miles traveled by 16- to 34-year-olds dropped 23 percent between 2001 and 2009, according to the National Household Travel Survey.”

            In the same report, stats show a significant drop in public transit use as well – — Not exactly a ringing endorsement for TSPLOST.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          No, we see your point in posting it which was that you support this pathetic excuse and monstrosity of a so-called “transportation plan” and you found an opinion piece which was written by someone else who shares your views in supporting this incredibly inane monstrosity of a transportation plan and you wanted to share it with us, which is greatly appreciated by the way, but that still doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with you or the author of the piece that you provided a link to.

  1. bgsmallz says:

    I like this…

    Evangelical Protestant school joining with Catholics on issue of religious freedom in a lawsuit filed by Wheaton College and Catholic University over the mandate by the HHS to provide all government approved contraceptives, including morning after pills.

  2. xdog says:

    Didn’t it look as if the Office of Congressional Ethics intended to thump Nathan Deal pretty hard before he bailed?

    I don’t see how Mitt can release fewer tax returns than the 20+ he turned over to McCain. Well, unless they’re so bad that the donk’s thumb in his eye for the next 3 months feels pretty good.

    • Harry says:

      But why should he? I think it has no traction compared with Obama’s gaffes. I’m sure Romney took advantage of the 15% qualified dividends rate and some legal offshore tax shelters – so what? My read is that people’s concerns are focused much closer to home, which is exactly what Obama doesn’t want to discuss.

      • xdog says:

        When goper leaders tell him if he just releases all his tax returns the whole issue will go away, he seems to be saying, nope, nothing like it.

        I believe it will be an issue too.

        Mitt has 2 claims to be qualified for POTUS, governing a populous state and serving as an effective corporate head.

        He can’t mention Mass without getting whipped with RomneyCare.

        If he doesn’t release his tax returns he looks like a coward–really, more than 20 years to McCain but only 2 to the American people?

        And if he does release them–lets say 12 to match Barry’s number–how does he deal with the explosion of inquiry into his Caribbean accounts and his Swiss accounts? More to the point, how does he defend himself against charges that his actions as POTUS would favor just the people like him (his unnamed bundlers for example) and would do nothing to ease the economic burden on the great majority of Americans without the wherewithal to avail themselves of elite tax advice and the great means to make it all worthwhile?

    • CobbGOPer says:

      “Didn’t it look as if the Office of Congressional Ethics intended to thump Nathan Deal pretty hard before he bailed?”

      Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

  3. chamblee54 says:

    The State of Georgia announced yesterday it is changing the way it poisons the condemned. It is going to use a deliberate overdose of pentobarbital to waste persons under death sentence.
    The motto of the State of Georgia is Wisdom, Justice, Moderation. Taking twenty two years to execute a man is not just. Using a deliberate drug overdose to carry out this execution is neither wise nor moderate.
    There are those who say Warren Hill should not be executed because he is mentally retarded. People are beginning to wonder if officials at the Department of Corrections are smart enough to carry out this execution.

  4. Rambler1414 says:

    It includes two bogus newspaper headlines and this claim: “Paid for by”.

    But here’s the thing: In its most recent, 15-day-out financial disclosure, which can be found here, the organization reports no expenditure that might match the Beach mailer. Moreover, the Transportation Leadership Coalition, which operates the website, reported only $1,254 in cash on hand.

    Production costs on a mail piece like the one above can fluctuate, but they’re certain to run more than $1,254. We’ve placed multiple calls to the Transportation Leadership Coalition, but have yet to hear back.

    The flip side of the cow mailer, by the way, includes a U.S. Postal Service bulk stamp of “Permit 96″ out of Marietta, Ga. Ring any bells?

    • Blake says:

      “The flip side of the cow mailer, by the way, includes a U.S. Postal Service bulk stamp of “Permit 96″ out of Marietta, Ga. Ring any bells?”

      No, I’m stupid and uninformed. Please to spell it out?

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