Legislative Race-a-palooza Part 3

We haven’t covered this Congressional race so even though this post about Legislative races, we thought you should see these ads.

The AJC is again this year partnering with the League of Women Voters to publish an interactive Voters Guide.

More candidates could be thrown off the ballot if Secretary of State Kemp takes the advice of two Administrative Law Judges. In HD39, Democrat challenger Anne Taylor doesn’t live in the district, leaving incumbent Democrat Alisha Thomas Morgan the only candidate left. Ronnie Mabra was also found not to reside in the district he qualified for, HD63. Two other candidates are running on the Democratic ticket in that open seat.

The Democratic primary for HD58 found it’s way into the Courtroom. Incumbents Simone Bell and Ralph Long both asked a Judge to be lenient on two young men being sentenced for beating a gay man.

Democrats not in Courtrooms nor residing in HD118 were urged to pick up a Republican ballot on July 31st and wreak havoc:

“… I do have an opportunity to vote my conscience with respect to both Paul Broun and Doug McKillip,” he said. “As folks that have strong Democratic leanings, you probably feel the same way that I do about those two individuals. Let’s take the opportunity afforded us by Georgia’s open primary system and see if our collective voices may, at least, help remove two of the most egregiously misrepresentative politicians in our state.”

Other articles about Democratic primaries include coverage of HD62, HD75, and SD44.

Enough talk of Democrats. Let’s talk about Republicans, beginning with the three-way race in SD52.

Collins, a Tea Party member, said the Hufstetler-Doss battle is a surrogate for the ongoing war in the state Senate between Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and the group led by Senate President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams, R-Lyons, that stripped Cagle of most of his power in that chamber.

“There’s trench warfare going on in the Senate, but I’m not interested in it,” Collins said. “I’m interested in the 52nd.”

Doss, who has Cagle’s endorsement, said the Georgia Constitution calls for the lieutenant governor to preside over the Senate, and Williams’ committee usurped the authority from the voters who put Cagle in office.

“One only has to look at the last two years to see how dysfunctional the state Senate has become,” Doss said.

Hufstetler, who is endorsed by state Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, said Cagle belongs to the executive branch of government, and the committee of Senate legislators are in the right.

In SD21, Beach and Rogers are on opposite sides of almost everything. You know about TSPLOST (Beach for, Rogers against) but their also on opposite sides on school choice and the casino gambling non-binding ballot question.

Be sure to read this article covering four hotly contested metro-area Legislative races.

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  1. CCFRG says:

    Buzz you should correct yourself.

    Chip was for TSPLOST, sponsored the bill, voted for it 3 times, had a press conference praising the transportation alternatives, appointed himself to the round table but never showed up, and now he is against it because he has a strong opponent.

    This race looks like its coming down to one issue, integrity and its clear that Rogers has absolutely none.

    • I think you corrected me already. No need to correct myself.

      Folks can look it up and see for themselves but Rogers stated his reasons for changing his mind. I can see how disappointment over the project could cause people to oppose what they once supported.

      • Charlie says:

        I have a much bigger problem with this reversal than calling it a correction Buzz. This is the single biggest agenda item for Republicans since taking control 10 years ago. Chip is the Senate Majority “Leader”. Flip flopping on this isn’t leadership. It’s pushing a bag of crap out the door to voters and then asking us why we’re holding a bag of crap.

        • CCFRG says:

          How can Chip say in good faith he doesn’t like the project list? He was appointed to the round table but skipped all the meetings. Now, 3 weeks before an election he is against this and for “user fees” aka toll roads, which he previously condemned in Gwinnett.

          If he didn’t have opposition he’d be off gambling or lobbying on behalf of vegans somewhere and TSPLOST wouldn’t even cross his mind.

  2. dgh says:

    Disappointed Senate leader?
    Idiosyncratic transportation legislation not turning out like you expected?
    A charming independence from integrity?

    Charlie, are you talking about Republican Chip Rogers or bicycle lane advocate and Democrat Doug McKillip?

  3. Baker says:

    I do think we should end daylight savings time. It’s horrible when it’s dark at 5:15. Why do we still do that for? If the farmers want to get up earlier or later, they can, why they got’s to be taking our sun?

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