Last Day: T-SPLOST, Personhood Amendment, Ethics Text Poll

The Atlanta TEA Party and Peach Pundit have again teamed up with PolitiKlout to have a three question text poll regarding items on the July 31st GOP primary ballot, as well as T-SPLOST.  The poll ends today at 5:00pm.  Results from the first two days are below, and there were some big changes from yesterday.  Still time to register your opinion and see where this goes.

To participate, text BALLOT to 72727.

You will receive a series of three questions (First two days of results included below):

Do you support the $.01 TSPLOST tax increase?

1) Yes 43% 2) No 55% 3) Undecided 2%

Do you support the $100 cap on lobbyist gifts to legislators?

1) Yes 73% 2) No 19% 3) Undecided 8%

Would you support a Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution?

1) Yes 44% 2) No 38% 3) Undecided 18%

One vote per phone number will be counted. Standard text messaging rates apply.


  1. James Touchton says:

    Does PoliKlout have a report with the number of daily responses/overall responses? That would be helpful to see if it is a large pool of responses.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Between yesterday and today, looks like the TSPLOST advocacy orgs have gotten in on the game. Wasn’t it something like near 80% NO yesterday, and today it’s 55%? Must be putting some of those millions in ad dollars to good use sending text messages to Peach Pundit. o_O

    • CobbGOPer says:

      I guess it was more like 75%, but a 20% drop in one day tells me that MAVEN and these other pro-TSPLOST groups have been trying to skew the numbers by having their people participate.

      Which is why text-message polls (and online polls) are next to useless in determining voter opinion.

      • BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

        I agree with CobbGOPer. You guys should stop with the unscientific polling. Otherwise, all these polls tend to do is sway undecided folks who go along with the “perceived” majority. (Provided they do their research on Peach Pundit).

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