Day 1 Results: Personhood; T-SPLOST; Ethics Text Poll

The Atlanta TEA Party and Peach Pundit have again teamed up with PolitiKlout to have a three question text poll regarding items on the July 31st GOP primary ballot, as well as T-SPLOST. This poll will run through Wednesday afternoon at 5pm.

To participate, text BALLOT to 72727.

You will receive a series of three questions (Day 1 results included below):

Do you support the $.01 TSPLOST tax increase?

1) Yes 21% 2) No 74% 3) Undecided 5%

Do you support the $100 cap on lobbyist gifts to legislators?

1) Yes 82% 2) No 16% 3) Undecided 3%

Would you support a Personhood Amendment to the State Constitution?

1) Yes 57% 2) No 35%  3) Undecided 8%

One vote per phone number will be counted. Standard text messaging rates apply.


  1. James Touchton says:

    Does PolitiKlout provide the number of responses? It would be interesting to see how many people participate each day and overall. Thank You.

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