Anderson On TV, Claims Fundraising Lead in CD12 GOP Primary

Received press release:

Grovetown, GA. – Conservative farmer and State Representative Lee Anderson, candidate for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, today announced that he has raised more than $500,000 to date, with over $255,000 cash on hand.

Said Anderson, “Residents of the 12th District are tired of watching their freedoms erode and they are standing with me for a Balanced Budget. This report shows that we are ready to win this primary and then get on with the business of sending Barrow and Obama home. I am incredibly proud of our grassroots and fundraising success, but we all know there is still work to be done. Like I do every day, I’ll be up before dawn, working even harder than yesterday, to get the job done for the people of the 12th.”

Anderson is also up on TV, joining his fellow GOPers on the airwaves and into your homes.


  1. roberta13 says:

    Are you serious? He doesn’t even know what the flat tax is about, or the federal reserve. Why would anyone vote for him?

  2. irishfarmer says:

    Sure sounds like some scared folks on here. Lee Anderson would make a great congressman for us here in the 12th District. He is the only true republican who has shown that he can get the job done and done well. Others in this race like RW Allen have donated money to democrats campaigns in the past now wants to fool everyone into thinking he is a republican. What a joke that is and a scary one at that. McLeod has voted for democrats as late as 2008 and is playing republican and has ethics issue with his campaign finance. Shefield would get torn too shreds in washington d.c. The truth is this! Lee Anderson is a solid choice for the 12th district and would be as great as Austin Scott is in congress.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Anderson and the legislature are the worst enemies a frugal person has with the Georgia Power Bill and TSplost. Lee has been trying to run away from supporting TSplost.

      I can tell you what Lee will do in Congress – he will do what he is told to do, because that is how he voted in Atlanta.

    • ricstewart says:

      I’m a GOP primary voter. I’ve worked and volunteered for conservative Republican candidates and other conservative causes. I have also donated to Democratic candidates and voted for a few Democratic candidates in general elections, so I guess you and your candidate of choice don’t want my vote.

  3. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    Now that’s the kind of advertisement I’m talking about! It’s unique and not like the same old political tv ads I see all the time.

    By the way, Mr. Anderson knows exactly what the Federal Reserve is all about and has stated in numerous debates that it should be audited. Secondly, I’m not sure where the two folks above find their information, but Lee has never been oblivious of what the Flat Tax is all about. Lee as also stated, numerous times, that he supports a Fair Tax in replacement of the Federal Income Tax. That way WE, the citizens and consumers, have control regarding how much we pay in taxes rather than the government. So, for the folks making these ridiculous comments, please have the common-sense to check your facts first.

    Also, in regard to “I’m not an oil man” commenter, (the fellow who obviously doesn’t work for a living because he has nothing better to do than to respond to Lee Anderson’s press release in the middle of the day), I have a response for your baseless accusation as well. If Mr. Anderson has in fact loaned himself a substantial amount of money on top of the substantial amount his campaign has earned through donations, that tells me he is very serious about this campaign and he’s in it to win it! He’s going all in because he knows it is time to replace John Barrow with a true conservative. Lee doesn’t mind having some skin in the game, and that’s why he’s going all in to win this election. He’s a man of his word. Lee doesn’t play around, and that’s the kind of fellow I would like to see as my congressman.

  4. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    Your comments are completely baseless. By no means should you consider yourself “informed.” That goes for both IndyInjun and “Not an oil man” –both of whom are the same person attempting to create a false impression for common readers of this site. The fact that you have made two accounts only reinforces your lack of virtue and difficulty with the truth. Someone obviously needs to call you out.

    • Charlie says:

      I tried the more subtle warning yesterday, this one should be a bit more blunt.

      You’re trolling patterns here have never been successful nor served you and especially your clients well. You’re frankly not good at it. While I’m still not sure exactly what you’re good at, I strongly recommend you go try whatever that might be.

      And calling others out, especially for claiming others are creating false accounts, is laughable.

      It really is time for you to make a decision about how you choose to handle yourself here the next two weeks, and quickly. Meter’s running.

      • BillyBobTalksPolitics says:


        First of all, I am not a “consultant,” nor do I work for any campaign. Frankly, I am very surprised that you are accusing me of “trolling” any more than several others folks on this site. Though I am annoyed by your accusations as well as the behavior of several other members on this site, I will respect your position and refrain from calling anyone out specifically. With that said, I do apologize for the offense.

        • Charlie says:

          I’m sorry you’re offended. But I stand by all of what I’ve typed.

          Shouldn’t you and your team be heading to Augusta, and bringing hell with you?

            • Charlie says:

              No, I think you’re a tool that is working for a guy that still hasn’t won a congressional race despite starting every one of them with a front runner.

              Best of luck to you in your current and future endeavors.

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