Rick Allen’s campaign raises more questions about Wright McLeod fundraising in 12th district

From the Savannah Morning News, Big donations to congressional hopeful Wright McLeod questioned:

Doubts have surfaced whether big donations to congressional hopeful Wright McLeod came from the people he says they did.

The Augusta attorney is one of four Republicans vying for a chance to take on 12th District incumbent Democrat John Barrow. [. . .]

The campaign of another GOP contender, Augusta businessman Rick Allen, says it views several donations to McLeod of $2,500 — the most allowed by law — as “questionable.”

Allen campaign manager Scott Paradise raised the possibility that listed donors may have been reimbursed for checks they wrote a campaign.

That practice, which is illegal, conceals the real source of the money and sometimes allows an end run around the $2,500 limit.

Meanwhile, a complaint by Allen against McLeod involving other issues is pending before the Federal
Election Commission.

There are enough details in the SMN piece to raise some legitimate questions about $2500 donors with ties to other supporters or who would seem very unlikely to make a political contribution of that size.

In a separate Savannah Morning News column, Larry Peterson says that McLeod is “hiding the ball” regarding his campaign’s response to the previous FEC complaints.


  1. not an oil man says:

    I think this guy “Larry”either has a vendetta against Mr. Mcleod or is a campaign “bird dog” for Mr. Allen. He has written over 13 articles dealing with the same thing against Mr. Mcleod. Why has he failed to look into the other candidates?

    • Bill Dawers says:

      If anyone has or knows of credible concerns regarding donations or FEC complaints regarding other candidates, please let us know here at Peach Pundit. Also, I’d suggest sending them to “this guy Larry” — he’s a veteran political reporter who loves to sink his teeth into stories.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Let me shed some light on the situation.

    There is a huge controversy in Augusta over a $50 million trade center project that was intended to be a public-private venture between the City of Augusta and LLC entities controlled by publisher Billy Morris, who publishes the Augusta Chronicle, Savannah Morning News, and the Athens Banner Herald. There is the matter of a partnership agreement not executed before the project started, discovery that there were liens on property once promised to be donated, and operating agreements that look to be blank checks to the Morris-controlled LLC’s.

    R.W. Allen is the construction manager for the trade center, which is $38 million of the total. One parcel that the center sits on was never deeded to the city and remains the LLC’s land. The Morris crowd is HEAVILY supporting Rick W. Allen.

    You can read all about this stuff on City Stink, a blog which is named as a sort of compliment-at-the-same-time-a-parody toward Sylvia Cooper of the Augusta Chronicle’s weekly City Ink column.

    There has been scarcely a word about any of this in Georgia media, for some strange reason.

  3. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    Hey “IndyInjun” and “Not An Oil Man,” obviously you have nothing better to do than post on this website. But I believe most of us already know who you actually are…Mr. Al Gray. You are a complete joke bud.

    Obviously you support Wright McLeod who is an outspoken pathological liar, the exact type of person that we need to keep out of the political arena. And you sir, Mr. Al Gray, are aiding this fellow by attempting to smear the only two candidates in this race that are worth voting for–Rick Allen and Lee Anderson.

    • not an oil man says:

      Im not going to justify your response with an answer, but seriously dude, what are you doing here?

    • ricstewart says:

      “obviously you have nothing better to do than post on this website”
      …said the guy who’s posting on this website.

  4. Charlie says:

    …and we’ve come to the point of campaign season where consultants and close supporters don their sock puppets and feign indignity at other candidates while they feign purity of their own.

    We have an established user community here, and consultants and campaign workers who decide to clutter things up as voting nears aren’t appreciated by our readers nor our contributors. One consulting group in particular should remember 2010 in particular and proceed with great caution if this is your current strategy.

    That, and have a great Peach Pundit day.

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