Kingston’s Opponent Arrested In 2006

Received via the Tip Line.

According to an incident report obtained by the Springdale, S.C. Police Department, Russo was arrested after he objected to tactics used by officers during the sting at a Travelers Inn in town.

After Russo witnessed the arrest of a man for soliciting a prostitute, police said he expressed his objection to the tactics used by investigators and uttered a profanity in protest. After he checked in, police said Russo began going from room to room warning occupants the police were at the motel and to “be careful.”

Not that Kingston was in any electoral trouble but it seems the Democrats are running away from this guy too.


  1. Tiberius says:

    In some districts, in a Dem primary, impeding or challenging the cops would actually be a positive for a candidate.

  2. Napoleon says:

    There have been several court rulings that warning people of police activity can be protected speech. He should have fought it. His fault for being lazy and just pleading guilty paying the fine.

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