Correction: Saxby Chambliss NOT Endorsing T-SPLOST

Senator Saxby Chambliss has distributed the following statement today:

“The Georgia Public Broadcasting story regarding my stance on TSPLOST contained an erroneous headline that has since been corrected.

 “I have consistently stated that I support the T-SPLOST approach, which lets the people of Georgia decide if the proposal is in the best interest of their community and region based on the estimated cost and project list.

 “I personally plan to vote in favor of the TSPLOST in my hometown of Moultrie because I believe it will create jobs for southwest Georgia and make a very rural part of the state more attractive for economic development.

 “I think Georgians should make up their own minds and vote their conscience on the T-SPLOST referendum on July 31, based on the facts for their region. That is why I have not and will not endorse T-SPLOST.”

Updated: Dennis O’Hayer was kind enough to send over this clip of his interview with Senator Chambliss on the subject.

We’re trying to cut down on duplicate comments, as we have too many threads currently discussing T-SPLOST.  As such, if you wish to comment on Senator Chambliss’ statement, please do so here.


  1. Charlie says:

    I am tempted to pre-emptively close the comments on this thread. I am about to post another Pro&Con T-SPLOST thread, and we have several active threads ongoing about the topic.

    If/While comments remain open, please restrict your thoughts specifically to Senator Chambliss’ statement. General “I hate/love T-SPLOST” comments that are already being duplicated in other threads are not also needed here. If comments are closed, it is not intended to restrict your comments about Senator Chambliss’ statement. Please do so if you wish on any of the other multiple T-SPLOST threads.

    • SallyForth says:

      Hmm…. sounds like on of those “he was for it before he was against it” things to me. I believe politicians call it plausible deniability… This whole issue seems to be heating up. Charlie, have you heard anything about the car-cade around 285 today?

      • Charlie says:

        Other than what we posted here, no.

        As for the “for it before he was against it” things, I’d say this is a state issue, and those that hold Federal office usually try to avoid them. He’s said how he’s voting, and that’s usually what I would ask for in these cases.

        I’ve also decided now that the other post is up to close this thread. Please resume any further conversation about Senator Chamblis to the T-SPLOST open thread I just posted. We’ve got too many of these open now for me to have any chance of attempting to moderate, and folks tend to repeat themselves in every one.

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