Senate Ethics Committee Begins Own Investigation Into Don Balfour Of Gwinnett

Atlanta Tea Party co-founder Debbie Dooley has been notified by the Georgia Senate that her complaint to the Senate against Senator Don Balfour has been dismissed as the committee claims it does not have jurisdiction. So there you have it, we as private citizens apparently can’t hold ourselves accountable other than at the ballot box.

That said, the letter to Dooley states that the Senate Ethics Committee has initiated its own investigation of Senator Balfour, which is ongoing. and going. and going.

It is not anticipated that the Senate Ethics Committee will meet again before Senator Balfour unleashes his three quarter million dollar re-election warchest to retain his $17,000 job with a six-figure benefit package.

I’ll add that while this may look like a stall and dismiss (and it may very well be), those “close to the situation” continue to state that there are very real consequences ahead for Mr. Balfour.  The fact that he chaired an audit committee over expense reports that is required by Georgia Law, yet no such committee appears to exist other than himself, does not bode well for his defense.


  1. Calypso says:

    I also heard that the Internal Affairs Division of the Hell’s Angels is investigating one of its own for unlawful behavior. This report, and the one by the Senate Ethics Committee, is to be made public by the 12th of Never.

    • SallyForth says:

      Yep, Calypso, the 12th of Never is right. Has anybody even considered the fact that the Committee cannot even meet to discuss their “investigation”, much less vote on anything, unless the Chair calls a meeting?

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I think they already conducted their own investigation and are proceeding with their own complaint.. Did I read the letter wrong?

    • Charlie says:

      I think it’s mostly semantics. I believe that so long as they are “proceeding”, they are also still “investigating”. But the way the letter is worded, you are correct.

  3. SourGwinnett says:

    Yeah, if it is anything like Christopher T. Adams’ case in Gwinnett, it’ll be 5 years and still waiting on an answer before “justice” might show up.

  4. truth says:

    Hell will freeze over before any investigation on this issue by the Senate Ethics Committee is completed.

  5. JackRyan says:

    Except Balfour opted out of the retirement package years ago. Why don’t you do proper research before you republish Libel.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m not sure what you think is libel, but if you click that link, you’ll see that Senator Balfour makes up for the tiny pension he threw away to appear as one of the good guys by raking in a significant amount of lobbyist gifts, and then further padding his salary with unexplained per diem days, and mileage for days he wasn’t in the state.

      Your move, new sock puppet.

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