Legislative Race-a-palooza Part 2

It’s time for another Legislative Race-a-palozza. Below is a spreadsheet showing how much cash on hand candidates for Legislative office reported in their 6/30/12 campaign finance reports. It’s not complete but most of the “hot” races are there. I’ll finish it up tonight.

One more thing about these numbers. There are 30 candidates in this spreadsheet who haven’t yet filed their campaign disclosure reports. Some of these candidates don’t appear to have even filed a DOI which if you haven’t done you can’t accept donations or spend any money campaigning. I know of at least one candidate who has yard signs all over the place yet hasn’t filed a disclosure report and didn’t bother filing a DOI until last week. Another candidate hasn’t filed a DOI and his opponent, the incumbent, has filed an ethics complaint against him. Perhaps there is a good explanation for all this and if there is post them in the comments.

For those that don’t have a good explanation for their lack of disclosure I climb on my soapbox. There are a lot of candidates running on a platform of ethics and how unethical everyone at the Gold Dome is. If you can’t get the proper paperwork filed with the Campaign Finance Commission and get your disclosure reports filed on time and filed properly you don’t have much credibility with me on ethics reform.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

See the full spreadsheet here.

There’s always plenty of news in the SD21 race between incumbent Chip Rogers and Brandon Beach. The NRA gave Beach a better rating that Rogers. Meanwhile Rogers came out strong against the TIA/TSPLOST which Beach supports.

An overview of HD137 where incumbent Democrat Debbie Buckner faces challengers.

Reginald Pugh is making his third attempt to unseat incumbent Ed Hardison in the SD15 Democratic primary.

There’s a GOP primary race in HD161 and the Savannah paper profiles the candidates here and here. There are no Democrats running.

In SD26, Democrat incumbent Senator Miriam Paris faces challenges from two fellow Dems including a rematch with former Rep. David Lucas.

Freshman Democrat Pam Dickerson has two fellow Dems running against her including former Rep. Toney Collins who lost to Dickerson two years ago.

Challenger in SD18 Spencer Price fights back against allegations made against him and calls on incumbent Republican Cecil Staton to denounce the attacks.

In Athens, incumbent Doug McKillip and Regina Quick (both Republicans) are running to the right while Democrat incumbent Keith Heard tries to fight off challenger and fellow Dem Spencer Frye.

Incumbent Republican Rep Kip Smith squared off with GOP challenger John Pezold at a recent forum for HD133.

The Snellville Patch has a lot of articles about House races in that part of Gwinnett including SD9, HD93 and HD94.


  1. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    Any info about the Dollar vs. Rozzo race?

    One of the most effective campaign actions that I’ve seen was on July 4th at the Indian Hills Fireworks display. The Rozzo team was handing out frozen pops to the kids. The parents asked their kids where they got the pops and they pointed to the Rozzo signs. I’m pretty confident that Rozzo’s name recognition went up a lot and she probably earned a bunch of votes.

  2. Simeon Barsabae says:

    This is the way I see it:

    There is a huge anti-incumbency movement going on in which people who have never been part of the process are coming out and trying their hand in the ring. I have no problem with this. It is fun to watch and hopefully some of the elected will see what is going on and change their ways. Doubtful, but we can all hope, right?

    What is really funny are the people that are running for office on this anti-incumbency platform that, if elected, will have to run again as the incumbent. Are they going to call for their own ousting in two years once they have really just started to understand how things under the Gold Dome work?

    If you are one of those anti-incumbency people, please tell us how you could possible reason your re-election (assuming you are elected in the first place) when you believe incumbents should all be thrown out…

    Oh, and I am going to need a more rational argument than “I’m not the person I am replacing. I will be different”.

    • Baker says:

      A handful of terms, 3 or 4 at max, is what I personally am talking about. Any more than that and you lose touch/ start thinking legacy/ generally waste a bunch of our money.

  3. Jackster says:

    According to this… Balfour has more COH than the next 4 incumbents COMBINED.

    Don Balfour-R 795,170.50
    Chip Rogers-R 291,235.07
    Jack Murphy-R 144,855.11
    Johnny Grant-R 142,390.54
    Cecil Staton-R 130,881.22

    Oh, and these incumbents has more COH than all challengers to all other candidates combined. ($1.5M vs $1M)

    I would argue the lobbyists’ investments are quite sound – thanks for playing!

    • Baker says:

      “I would argue the lobbyists’ investments are quite sound – thanks for playing!”

      Ha. Wingo man, great point/s.

  4. Jackster says:

    I’ve seen pictures of balfour – for some reason i see him reading this stat and doing his best Jabba laugh.

  5. mountainpass says:

    The NRA was the reason weapons carry bills this year were left to die, so says Speaker Ralston….well without naming them.

  6. SallyForth says:

    Seems to me now that brainiac McKillip is a self-established medical science expert, he’d have more to do than run for the legislature. Heck, he could probably solve the Higgs boson mystery.

  7. chefdavid says:

    And the funny thing is Deffenbaugh has failed to file two reports in HD 1. According to Mullis’s expenditure report he received $250 from the esteemed Senator on 6/15. I called the ethics people to make sure it wasn’t a computer glitch. the told me no he hadn’t filed any. So I have seen 2 billboards and a robo call and no reports filed? So if I file a complaint nothing will be done until after the election because it is within 30 days of an election. So does this mean if a candidate gets a bunch of money and fails to file a report and then just says opps it slipped my mind and pays the little fine everything is fine because the damage to the other candidate has already happened.

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