GA Nat Guard Officer Claims Fraud Waste and Abuse; UPDATED – GA National Guard Responds

It’s like the same story is a mad lib on repeat and different names are just put in the blanks.  Sigh :/

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Dale Russell says he’ll have more on the story tonight at 6pm, Fox5 Atlanta.

Update: the Georgia National Guard posts this statement via FB.

The Georgia Guard fully welcomes this investigation because we were the ones who requested that National Guard Bureau, as an outside Federal agency, investigate our processes concerning these flights so as to completely ensure no regulations were violated. It is up to NGB to determine how best to investigate and who to bring into their process. We are happy to talk further once the investigation is complete.

We hope that Fox 5 includes in its coverage the fact that these flights were all vetted and synced up with pre-existing training flights, and were of no additional cost to the taxpayer because these training hours were already budgeted. Our pilots are among the best in the world due to the constant training they do everyday


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I’m not sure why anyone is surprised. The person appointed wasn’t qualified for the position.

    Perhaps if the position were based on qualifications and not Deal cronyism we wouldn’t have such a massive waste of taxpayer money…

  2. GTKay says:

    I saw the first piece but not last night’s. Based on the first one and in light of their response above, I’m not sure I see the big deal. If a pilot needed flight hours for training, and they included these venues as destinations, how is it wasteful? I think this was more about making the Guard more visible in the community than wasting tax dollars. And it looked like Dale did one of his “show up as you’re walking out of WalMart” interviews which never make anyone look good.

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