GA 12 GOP Straw Poll Results – Statesboro GOP Debate

Wright McLeod – 73

Maria Sheffield – 33

Rick Allen – 27

Lee Anderson – 13

Feel free to tell us what they mean – or don’t – below.


  1. Calypso says:

    It tells me Wright McLeod’s roots are more than twice as deep as Maria’s. Tim needs to get his Teen PAC in there to help her out. Maybe Ox can stump for her, too.

  2. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    Hey folks, Billy Bob here, ready and willing to throw in my two cents regarding this unbelievably insignificant straw poll! This is yet another classic example of how meaningless these straw polls actually are in the grand scheme of things. So, once again the so called handsome and smooth-talking lawyer, Mr. Wright McLeod, appears to have a favorable lead based solely from this pole alone. If you ask me, based on what I have seen from previous debates, the seemingly overwhelming support for the great McLeod is no more than a blatant illusion. These “supporters” are the same folks that attend every debate around the district for McLeod to maintain this illusion, demonstrating just another manipulative political tactic on the part of the McLeod campaign to give folks a false impression. With all due respect to the elite McLeod people who have nothing better to do than camp around Wright, I am inclined to believe that the majority of voters out there who support candidates like state representative Lee Anderson and Rick Allen actually work for a living and have more important duties to attend to. Time will tell which of these candidates truly represent the silent majority within GA’s 12th district. But folks, please also keep this mind, we have already seen the results of electing a candidate with no prior political experience and no legitimate voting record that we can trust. We already have a politician holding the most powerful position in America who was elected not due to merit but due to his “polished demeanor” whose only real skill was his ability to speak. Last time I checked, this congressional race IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be a “beauty contest” or a “speech contest,” but rather an opportunity to determine who has the experience and background we can trust to represent us effectively in Congress. Just a few thoughts, thanks.

  3. ricstewart says:

    Billy Bob has a point – sort of.
    Straw polls are often (perhaps usually) inaccurate reflections of the general voting public, sometimes because the deck is stacked, and sometimes because the people who attend these events are better-informed that the general voting public. Remember in 2010 when Melvin Everson and Gerry Purcell won virtually every straw poll in the state, but lost their primaries?
    I live in the 12th and travel throughout it regularly. None of the candidates have much name recognition across the district. I see a ton of signs for Lee Anderson and have received several robocalls and mailers from him. It would not surprise me if Anderson were leading the polls among GOP primary voters in general or even if he made it to the runoff. However, I can’t imagine many people who have heard him debate would vote for him. Luckily for him, the debate and event attendees are a small minority of all primary voters.
    Of course, similar observations could be made about some of the other candidates. I didn’t intend to pick on Anderson; I’m sure he’s a good guy. For the record, I’m still undecided.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      So what’s Rick Allen doing with his large bankroll, why isn’t he trying to increase name recognition?

      I know Anderson’s campaign manager is sharp(even though he’s probably not) and he’s running a professional campaign, but what about the other guys, what are they up to?

      Also, why hasn’t there been a single recent poll done in this district, does anyone know who’s ahead?

      • ricstewart says:

        Good question about polls.
        There have been five mailers and one TV ad from Rick Allen. Haven’t seen very many signs for him outside of Augusta, and even there his signs are outnumbered significantly.

  4. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    Understandably, Mr. Lee Anderson may not be the greatest speaker in the world. As he has stated in many of these debates he does not consider himself to be a “show horse” but rather a “work horse.” I believe this is a very significant characterization of himself that deserves distinction. Honestly, I could care less whether or not my congressman is a great speaker, as long as he gets the job done and is honest about it. From what I understand, the primary responsibility of a congressman is to vote and draft legislation, and therefore I hardly see any reason to consider “exceptional speaking” to be of such paramount importance.

    Secondly, don’t ya’ll think that we have enough “smooth-talking,” “double-talking,” “hasn’t really said anything after five minutes of speaking” politicians? Take Wright McLeod for example. Now here is a guy who emphasizes on numerous occasions that because he navigated planes in the navy that somehow that makes him qualified to serve as a U.S. representative. Furthermore, from what I have read in the paper, McLeod has a history of supporting various liberal candidates throughout his life as well as a record to having voted within several democratic primaries, including the democratic presidential primary from which he voted for either former Senator Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. However, McLeod claims he voted for Bill Richardson instead of Obama or Clinton, though records show no one voted for Richardson in McLeod’s precinct. Records further show that McLeod did in fact vote in his precinct regarding that presidential primary, though McLeod continues to deny these facts and continues to blatantly lie to the general pubic, claiming that he believes his deluded memory is correct and the official records are false. Not to mention, McLeod also claims that what’s not being said is that he has supported various republican candidates as well throughout his professional career. Translation: McLeod has been playing both sides of the political fence, who just so happened to decide to run for Congress (with no former political experience) as a Republican because it is politically expedient for him to do so, especially since the district lines have been changed to greatly favor conservative leadership. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that McLeod has also been accused of violating several campaign laws by the Rick Allen campaign, which has contacted the Federal Elections Commission for a full investigation. To put it bluntly…for a man like McLeod to have such a gloomy political beginning, I believe it is clear the man has no business representing us. He is basically a democrat in disguise, with the same ambiguous background as our current president, along with the same dishonest rhetoric of our current congressman.

    • ricstewart says:

      “I could care less whether or not my congressman is a great speaker, as long as he gets the job done”

      Part of a congressman’s job is to speak. Elected officials must be able to articulate their position and effectively voice the opinions of their constituents. They should be able to communicate with their colleagues and be able to engage in discussions and debates on the floor of the House and in committee without embarrassing their constituents. (see: Johnson, Hank)

      • seenbetrdayz says:


        We all know that there’s actually very little meaningful debate in D.C. anymore and the battle lines are usually drawn before bills make it out of committee. These days, it would be more accurate to say that a congressman’s job is to vote how his party tells him to vote.

        Don’t get me wrong, it would be lovely if a politician could get out there on the floor and deliver an eloquent and reasoned speech to the House which actually manages to sway votes, but, let’s be honest: It’s Washington.

  5. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    As you may have guessed by now, I personally believe Mr. Lee Anderson is the best Republican candidate to serve as our congressman for GA’s district 12. Again, I realize he may not be the most polished of political candidates, but I believe that fact only reinforces how much I like him. I like the fact that he is not the conventional politician. However, ironically, he is the only candidate running within the Republican primary with former political experience. I mean the man is a farmer, a small-businessman, and a current state representative who also served within Columbia County’s School Board and County Commission. What more could you ask for! He has great experience working with fellow public servants, and on top of that, he has an actual, transparent voting record that voters can refer to and discover that he has been conservative and consistent all along. In addition, he has numerous endorsements from conservative leaders throughout Georgia, and from what I have seen, an awesome campaign staff. I believe his platform is great, and all one has to do is refer to his to find out more.

    Lee Anderson is a man of endearing character who has been honest and true since the beginning of his tenure as a public servant. Frankly, I believe he is exactly what this country needs in Washington D.C. Someone of truly honest character, with values and principles that actually mean something. Most importantly, Lee believes in keeping the lines of communication open to everyone that he represents, for he cares about everyone. Also, being that the new district is 50% rural, I know of no one else who could relate better with the folks outside of Columbia and Richmond county and serve their interests well, since he is a man with a rural background. Lee Anderson may be a simple and concise fellow, but he knows how to get the job done. His resume speaks for itself!

    • IndyInjun says:

      If you love politicians, you gotta love Lee Anderson.

      Lee is trying to run from TSplost, saying he voted to give the people a choice, ignoring the fact that the ‘choice’ was two paragraphs out of a huge government usurpation of power that was scores of pages long.

      Lee voted for SB 31. I was on his campaign for House, but he would not call me back before voting for it, making 75 lobbyists happy and me fuming. The advance profits of $1 billion for 830 permanent jobs came out to $1.2 million or so per job. If you like $500 power bills, thank Lee.

      When I called with questions about tax reform, Lee referred me to a lobbyist.

      Electing Lee will make Saxby and Hank Johnson happy because they will no longer be looked upon as the dumbest members of the Georgia delegation. You cannot imagine how bad it will be.

      Anderson also ran ads for Nathan Deal after Deal squandered his funds on ethics lawyers.

  6. jpmsouth says:

    IndyInjun is right on target.
    While unemployment was around 12+% in Lincoln County Anderson wrote a piece in the Lincolnton Journal extolling a bike safety program that required using hand signals to turn when riding on bike paths. Looking back, I know of nothing Anderson championed to help reduce unemployment in the district. Check his record.

    Check Anderson’s voting record in the House and you will see he voted however he was told to vote by the leadership. Anderson did his best to suck up so Ralston would grant Anderson a chairmanship, but even Deal & Ralston were not willing to trust him in any level of authority. Again, check his record.

  7. GOP dawg says:

    I have one question for you, if Lee Anderson is actually a workhorse instead of a show horse then where is all the work he has done. It will take you a few minutes on the Georgia State Assembly website to see that Mr. Andersen’s tenure was hardly impressive. He only sponsored 5 bills in all his time in Atlanta, instead he spent his time condemning people and events, 53 to be exact. If that is what he calls work then I would prefer he stay home. We don’t need more members of congress spending their days naming things or congratulating people, we need them to do work.

    Mr. Anderson has been elected to an some office since he was 26 years old and I am not sure what he has done ever in all his time. All I know is he is a nice man who owns a farm and gets along with people. Plus not understanding what the Fed was is a huge red flag.

  8. Matt Stout says:

    I have heard rumors that during the straw poll, Lee Anderson’s campaign team was playing hopskotch on Highway 25 and Highway 1, and were able to jump from one sign, land on another, and then land on another, all the way from Augusta to Statesboro, and then from I-20 south through Vidalia to Baxley. Certainly this is nothing more than a rumor. Trust me, Anderson’s guys are working very hard.

    And his low numbers in this straw poll are standing in contradistinction to the measure of support he has in the field.

  9. BillyBobTalksPolitics says:

    My response to GOP Dawg is a simple one. In this case, LESS IS MORE! So, you claim Mr. Anderson only sponsored five bills during his time in office? Sounds great! The LESS legislation being passed, the MORE freedom and liberty we can maintain! Sounds like Mr. Anderson is in fact a true conservative Republican who actually believes in LIMITED GOVERNMENT!

    However, if you refer to Mr. Anderson’s voting record, he provided an up or down vote for the majority of legislation presented through the Georgia House during his time in office. His record proves he is committed to his responsibilities and getting the job done. Thank you for the question.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    There is no question that Anderson will be the leader coming out of the primary.

    He might even win.

    It will be the worst thing to ever happen to him.

    You can count on that.

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