Georgia Still in the Top Ten States for Business

…but barely. CNBC lists Georgia as #9 in its annual ranking, down from #4 in 2011.

Each year, we [CNBC} score all 50 states on the criteria they use to sell themselves. This year’s analysis is the most comprehensive yet, using 51 metrics developed with the help of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness, as well as input from the states themselves.

This year’s categories and possible point totals are:

Cost of Doing Business (350)
Workforce (350)
Quality of Life (350)
Infrastructure & Transportation (325)
Economy (325)
Education (225)
Technology & Innovation (225)
Business Friendliness (200)
Access to Capital (100)
Cost of Living (50)

Georgia snagged the top spot for Workforce and #3 for Infrastructure & Transporation (T-SPLOSTers take note). Explore the data here.


    • joe says:

      It probably contributes just as much as Chicago O’Hare does to Illinois being 16th in infrastructure and transportation, or as much as the New York airports do in making NY ranked 39th.

  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Kind of blows up the latest T-SPLOST argument they’ve moved to (in short: “Jobs!”) since the “it will reduce traffic congestion” line isn’t working.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    On ‘Workforce’ from the article: “We rated states based on the education level of their workforce, as well as the numbers of available workers.”

    And Georgia was #1 on their Workforce measurement.

    So why is it that we continue to have companies moving in here (after recieving overly-generous tax breaks from the state government to do so) that then turn around and import the majority of their workers from somewhere else because they claim they “can’t find qualified candidates in Georgia”?

    • bgsmallz says:

      The same reason we try to quantify our economic situation using CNBC’s pointless ranking system…we are apparently all idiots.

  3. xdog says:

    For the high transportation ranking, thanks Zell and all the roads he built.

    CobbGOPer, which companies are you talking about?

  4. Engineer says:

    I’d still like to see what they based their #3 status for transportation and infrastructure on.

    I know the Pew Center on the States and Rockefeller Foundation put out the findings of a study in May that put us in a list of the top 13 states in the nation for transportation, but in the report, they cite the TSPLOST as one of the primary factors for it being high on the list.

    Referring to this:

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