Isakson (Again) on the Law Of The Sea Treaty

We posted a statement from Senator Isakson on this in June and some contextual background.  The twittersphere was going nuts over it then, pushed by Heritage Action.  It seems there’s another round going on over the past 48 hours because Isakson won’t sign someone’s statement against the treaty.  Start here people: He. Voted. Against. It. In. Committee.

That’s worth a bit more than a pledge.

Isakson’s full statement on the treaty:

Johnny’s first and foremost concern with any treaty is maintaining the sovereignty of the United States, and he has serious issues with the Law of the Sea Treaty regarding sovereignty. Johnny also has concerns over the revenue-sharing provisions in the Law of the Sea Treaty, and he wants to ensure that the treaty would not require the United States to cede authority over revenue generation to an international body.

In 2007, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held two hearings on the Law of the Sea Treaty during which Johnny questioned the witnesses. On October 31, 2007, Johnny voted against moving the treaty out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee because he had reservations regarding provisions that affect our national security. The treaty passed out of committee by a vote of 17-4 (Johnny was one of the four who voted No), but was never ratified by the full Senate.

Johnny has attended all four hearings on this treaty that Chairman Kerry has held in the past two months, and he plans on attending any other hearings that may be held on the treaty. Johnny will remain engaged in the process and continue seeking answers to questions about the consequences of accession to the Law of the Sea Treaty, but he has not yet heard anything that would change his “No” vote from 2007.


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